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Delays continue as Constitution Pipeline remains dormant in New York


Binghamton, NY (WBNG Binghamton) Construction of the Constitution Pipeline is on hold once again in New York.

Even with federal approval for the Constitution Pipeline back in December 2014, officials can't move forward with the project until the section 401 water quality certification is passed in the state.

Officials from the pipeline are still confident the pipeline will be built.

"At this stage, we have contractors selected, we have pipe in the area stored, we are working with the local unions and workforce to get them geared up for the project," Constitution Pipeline Manager Mike Atchie said.

Officials from the constitution pipeline got together at the Metro Center in Binghamton Tuesday.

"We just let the public know that this project is going to be built safely, it's going to be built by local labor who these are trained folks who are environmentally conscious," LiUNA Leader Dave Marsh said.

An environmentalist with the organization Toxics Targeting, Walter Hang, says this pipeline is dangerous and that the water quality certification should not be granted.

"They routinely blow up, they routinely fail and basically the law is really clear, the governor cannot grant the section 401 water quality certification," Hang said.

Toxics Targeting launched a new petition to stop the pipeline.

An online letter asks all presidential candidates on the New York primary ballot to sign the pledge to oppose the pipeline.

"We're writing respectfully to all the presidential candidates who are coming to New York on April 19 to see what their fate is," Hang said. "We're telling them, 'if you don't sign a pledge to oppose the constitution pipeline, then you're not going to receive probably a favorable reply from tens of thousands of fracktivists who are so concerned about these issues'."

Pipeline officials say they''re confident the water quality certification will be granted by the end of April.

In fact, they are hoping to start constructing the pipeline in the summer and have it finished by the second half of 2017.