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Fractivists call for prohibiting all forms of fracking


Local fractivists are calling on Governor Cuomo to prohibit all forms of fracking, not just methods that involve water.

Walter Hang, President of the environmental firm Toxics Targeting, held a news conference today to discuss the latest developments involving waterless fracking.

These proposed methods would utilize gelled propane, a form of Nitrogen foam as well as other materials.

A Tioga County energy group recently applied to the State's DEC to approve gelled propane fracking in the Town of Barton.

According to the DEC's response letter, the application was incomplete and needs revisions.

However, Hang says the measure could still be approved without an extensive environmental study.

"We're exposing the myth that Governor Cuomo banned fracking in New York. The truth is, he only prohibited hydrofracking and even that definition is so poorly worded that we're not even sure if it would sustain a challenge," said Hang.

Hang has sent a number of letters to Cuomo's office urging him to prohibit all forms of fracking in New York.

He also calls for a full environmental analysis of the effects of waterless fracking.