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Activists call for Fossil Fuel Infrastructure Ban in NY


A number of environmental activists and 22 members of the State Legislature are calling on Governor Cuomo to prohibit permits for new fossil fuel infrastructure.

Assemblywoman Barbara Lifton from Ithaca joined environmental firm Toxics Targeting in Binghamton Thursday to call for the moratorium. They say natural gas is currently involved in almost 60 percent of the state's energy capacity - a number that could rise.

"We now need to make a deliberate decision to say, 'Sorry, fossil fuel. You've done your job for a while. We didn't understand for a long time the harm you were causing but now we know and we've got to say goodbye,'" said Barbara Lifton, NYS Assembly (D-125th District).

Governor Cuomo has set a goal for the state to meet 50 percent of it's energy need through renewable sources by 2030.