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Activists express concerns over local abandoned pipeline



One of the first fuel pipelines built in the 1800s has some fracktivists concerned about its corrosion and pollution.

Walter Hang, President of Toxics Targeting says the three-hundred mile long vacant pipeline is leaking crude oil into local wetlands, creeks and streams along route 96.

It runs from Olean, New York to the middle of New Jersey occasionally crossing into our area.

It was built in the late 1880s and hasn't been used in decades, but still contains oil.

Hang say the DEC has identified sites along its course where it is seeping out.

The Millennium Pipeline runs adjacent to it and transports natural gas and Hang is fearful that it too will pollute the water.

"This ancient pipeline is a source of massive petroleum contamination. It has to be removed. It has to meet the applicable clean up standards. You just can't leave it in the ground," said Hang.

Hang is also calling on Governor Cuomo to deny all water quality certifications requests for industrial pipeline infrastructure.