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Local fractivists applaud efforts to reduce fossil fuel production



Local fractivists are applauding efforts that have significantly reduced fossil fuel production statewide over the past decade.

Walter Hang, President of the environmental firm Toxics Targeting, says gas and oil production in New York has plummeted.

According to the DEC, from 2007 to last year, natural gas production has decreased 65 percent, with oil down 30 percent.

Hang also says contaminated areas have been cleaned up across the state, specifically at contaminated sites in Independence, New York.

However, the wastewater from fracking is used throughout the U-S to de-ice roadways, remove dust and feed livestock.

Hang wants to take action and urge President Obama to ban wastewater dumping across the country.

"That's the only way to make public policy change. Whether it's Texas or Colorado, or the South where there is a considerable amount of natural gas and oil extraction, but you have to conduct your homework, know the law and mobilize people to take collective action and that's what we're going to do," said Hang.

Hang says over 750 signatures from people in 25 states have been collected for the letter he will send to President Obama.