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Environmental Advocates Credit 'Fracktivists' for New York Gas, Oil Production Drop


BINGHAMTON, N.Y. -- Environmental advocates are in high hopes after recent EPA documents were released.

The group Toxics Targeting says New York state has led the country in reducing gas and oil production for the last 8 years.

Activists say the state's crude oil production dropped 30 percent, while natural gas production dropped 65 percent.

Some of the credit is due to the state's adopted hydrofracking policy. Officials credit people standing with the causes they believe in.

"That took the effort of literally tens of thousands of fracktivists to educate the public; work together to try and make sure these concerns are addressed. That's the only way to make public policy change," said Toxics Targeting Inc. President Walter Hang.

The group is now setting their eyes on Washington instead of Albany. He's calling on the president to ban certain disposal practices to prevent improper waste dumping.