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Upstate Environmental Group Petitioning Dominion Pipeline Project


An upstate New York environmental group is petitioning the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to put a halt to a controversial pipeline project.

The Dominion's New Market Pipeline is proposed to run from Chemung County to Albany.

It's been approved by Gov. Cuomo, but Toxics Targeting out of Tompkins County says DEC data shows high levels of contamination near a compressor station where the pipeline would be built.

They're now joining other opponents across the state, asking the Regulatory Commission to reject any requested construction variances for the project.

"This is ground zero in a huge fight to stop these pipelines from being approved because they will simply perpetuate society's addiction to fossil fuels that will cause more pollution problems in decades to come," said Toxics Targeting President Walter Hang.

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has not yet immediately returned a request for comment.

The DEC says they issued minor source permits for three compressor sites that included conditions to address air quality concerns.