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Campaign Launches To Ban All Fracking In New York


Toxics Targeting, Inc. is launching a campaign to ban all types of High-Volume Hydraulic Fracturing (HVHF) in New York State, including gelled propane fracking that could come to Barton, NY.

Toxics Targeting, Inc. President Walter Hang says New York state is the only state that has banned shale fracking but excludes substances like propane and diesel oil.

In 2012, Tioga Energy Partners, LLC applied for a permit to use the gelled propane method in the Marcellus Shale formation.

"It hasn't gone forward...that's why we're telling the governor to not even review the permit application," said Hang.

According to the Tioga Energy Partners Positive Declaration, the gel fracking could cause adverse health impacts with emissions and potential seismic activity. There could also be fugitive emissions from the well and surface equipment.

"It turns out that gel propane, which has been proposed in Barton New York, shares all the fundamental, environmental, and public health hazards of fracking with water, and in addition it's highly flammable and potentially explosive," said Hang.

There has not been a state public health and environmental impact review on this type of fracking.

Waterless hydraulic fracturing was first performed in Canada in 2008 and is used at over 800 sites in North America.