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Environmentalist speaks out about the location of Monday’s crash, “I told you so”


BINGHAMTON N.Y -A prominent environmental activist is saying “I told you so” with regard to compressed natural gas truck transfer stations.

In response to Monday’s fatal crash of an XNG tractor trailer hauling CNG in the Town of Fenton, Walter Hang is renewing his call for a state moratorium on new natural gas trucking facilities.

Hang, the President of Toxics Targeting, an environmental database firm, says it’s an eerie coincidence that yesterday’s accident occurred within a mile of the site of a proposed NG Advantage transfer station that neighbors in Hillcrest and Port Dickinson successfully opposed.

The driver of the truck died and residents within a quarter mile of the crash were evacuated for most of the day as one of the CNG tanks was leaking.

Hang says the trucks pose a danger to everyone around them.

“We’re supposed to be ending New York’s addiction to fossil fuels like natural gas. The way to solve this problem is to reduce demand for natural gas by weatherizing homes, insulating homes, making New York State much more energy efficient. Then we wouldn’t need these trucks driving around next to school buses, next to cars. It’s just an accident waiting to happen,” says Hang.

Hang says he urged Governor Cuomo to institute a moratorium on new natural gas truck transfer stations in 2016, before the construction of the facility that the XNG truck was headed to in Herkimer County.

As for the suggestion that building a pipeline would reduce the risks posed by the natural gas trucks, Hang claims that pipelines also have a poor safety track record.