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Another Stunning Fossil Fuel Infrastructure Victory in NYS/Crestwood's Proposed Arlington Methane Gas Storage Project Bites the Dust/Seneca Lake Not Yet Protected From Proposed LPG Fossil Fuel Storage Project

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Greetings Fractivists,

I am exceedingly grateful to be able to report even more stunning, amazingly wonderful and simply excellent news to all those who have contributed so long, hard and well to our campaign to safeguard New York 100% from fossil fuel pollution harm.

Our stalwart research, advocacy, organizing and media outreach efforts just helped win yet another shocking victory in the battle to end New York's addiction to fossil fuels.

Crestwood Midstream Partners just disclosed that it "has discontinued efforts" to expand its Arlington methane gas storage operation along Seneca Lake in Reading, NY.

Can you believe that? During the last year, Toxics Targeting repeatedly documented wide-ranging pollution hazards at the Crestwood site, generate huge press coverage and organized immense opposition to the firm's proposed gas storage projects.

Thanks to you, our efforts regarding this methane gas storage expansion project produced an impressive scope of work. See summary below.

Crestwood threw in the towel in the third paragraph under Section B at:

"Despite its best efforts, Arlington has not been successful in securing long-term contractual commitments from customers that would support completion of the Gallery 2 Expansion Project. While demand for high-deliverability natural gas storage services remains robust in New York, as evidenced by the fully contracted status of Arlington’s storage company affiliate Stagecoach Pipeline& Storage Company, LLC, bids for firm storage capacity which Arlington has received from time to time are not adequate to support the investment required to bring the project to completion. Accordingly, Arlington has discontinued efforts to complete the Gallery 2 Expansion Project (emphasis added)."

See: Crestwood drops Seneca Lake natural gas storage plans

We Are Not Out of The Woods Yet

Unfortunately, Crestwood is continuing its efforts to receive New York State gas storage permit approval for its entirely separate proposed Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) storage facility at the same site, so our fight goes on.

More about that shortly.

Thank you so much for your amazingly focused, sustained and hard-hitting advocacy and organizing work. Given yourself another well-deserved pat on the back for a job well done.

Onward and upward.



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