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Letter to Governor Hochul which requests that she investigate and resolve drinking water that can be lit on fire in Preble, NY and prohibit all forms of High-Volume Hydraulic Shale Fracturing in New York State

Honorable Kathy Hochul
Governor of New York
The Capitol
Albany, NY 12224

Re: Residence Preble, NY


I write respectfully to request that you require the above-referenced drinking water contamination spill to be investigated and resolved in strict compliance with all applicable New York regulatory requirements.

The resident who reported this concern to your Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) on 9/12/2019 revealed that his drinking water contained "natural gas." It was later confirmed that the drinking water could be "lit on fire."

"Caller reports natural gas in his drinking water (bold is emphasis added). A week ago a serviceman came to check his water softener and determined there was natural gas in it (Sample lit on fire). States the gas may be coming from the ground as located in area of shale however "Dominion" [stet] Pipeline is within 1/4 mile of residence. Advises gas company is sending technician to check pipeline"

Despite this disclosure of an extraordinarily dangerous threat to his health and property, the resident reportedly never heard back from DEC.

As you will see from the attached video, the resident's drinking water can still be ignited.

See: 1/2/24 Interview With Man Who Reported to DEC That His Drinking Water Can be Lit on Fire

This is not the only home in New York that has reportedly been impacted by uncontrolled natural gas migrating into a drinking water well.

See: Residential Allegany, NY

According to DEC data:

"Caller Remarks: house exploded. gas from oil field suspected.

DEC Investigator Remarks:
11/18/19 FG spoke to the Cattaraugus County Haz Mat team. They wanted a meter that could quantify the level of natural gas in the soils. I told him that the Department does not have such a meter. No further action by spills is possible. The site is closed. Minerals may follow up if their expertise is required regarding the Dimes Energy well recently drilled 1000 ft away. They are assuming that natural gas from the well made its way into the drinking water well and into the house causing the explosion."

According to DEC data, dozens of other homes, drinking water wells and areas were reportedly impacted by oil and natural gas extraction or transmission incidents that were reportedly never comprehensively remediated. It is irresponsible for your administration to fail to enforce New York's Generic Environmental Impact Statement (GEIS) regulatory requirements regarding these documented public health and environmental hazards.

See: 44 New York Natural Gas and Oil Extraction Problems That Reportedly Were Associated With Fires, Explosions, Drinking Water Contamination, Wetland Pollution or Uncontrolled Environmental Discharges Between 2011 - 2023 and Were Never Cleaned Up in Strict Compliance With All Applicable Regulatory Requirements According to State Department of Environmental Conservation Spill Records


The Preble resident is reportedly disabled. He suffers from serious health concerns that could be caused or exacerbated by contaminated drinking water. I request that his water problem and all the other public health and environmental hazards documented herein be resolved without further delay.

Given DEC's woefully inadequate enforcement of its GEIS regulatory requirements, it would be unthinkable for you to permit High-Volume Hydraulic Fracturing (HVHF) of Marcellus Shale using carbon dioxide and other non-water fracking methods that have been proposed in our state. This conclusion is underscored by DEC's specific determination that carbon dioxide must not be allowed and that its 1992 GEIS regulations are inadequate to protect public health and the environment from HVHF of New York's shale formations.

A coalition letter requests that you immediately prohibit all forms of water and non-water HVHF in New York: Request That Governor Hochul Prohibit All Forms of High-Volume Hydraulic Fracturing Combined With Horizontal Drilling in New York In Order to Prevent Carbon Dioxide Marcellus Shale Natural Gas Extraction

I trust that you will find my respectful requests self-explanatory. I look forward to receiving a prompt, substantive response. Please do not hesitate to contact me if need be.

Thank you for your consideration.

Very best regards,

Walter Hang

cc: F. Holden

Signatories to the above-referenced coalition letter

Hon. Deborah Glick
Hon. Peter Harckham