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Morse Chain/Emerson Power Transmissions Cleanup Campaign


Letter to Gov. Cuomo Requesting That He Reject DEC's Fundamentally Inadequate Proposed Interim Remedial Measure for Morse Chain Industrial Corporation in Ithaca, NY


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Editorial: Emerson, TCE and DEC Healthy cynicism prods government - 3-08-2005
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DEC alters posture on Emerson - 2-23-2005
Morse Chain site to be reclassified - 2-03-2005
More S. Hill homes to be tested - 1-21-2005
Emerson paying for homeowner's gas remediation - 12-23-2004
Editorial: Toxic pollution requires decisive action right now - 12-20-2004
More South Hill toxins found - 12-14-2004
Tests show no toxic pollution from old factory site - 11-19-2004
Hinchey presses state DEC - 8-26-2004
Emerson may test 32 homes - 8-5-2004
Report: Emerson pollution includes very toxic substances - 7-28-2004
Emerson warns residents - 7-24-2004
Records detail decades of pollution - 7-06-2004
Editorial: Lingering traces of a bygone era - 6-22-2004
DEC wants more spill site tests - 6-02-2004
Emerson clean-up raises questions - 5-20-2004
Toxics watchdog urges clean-up - 5-19-2004


Toxics Targeting's 4/21/2005 Assembly EnCon Testimony on Morse Chain Contamination Hazards

Click here to download the Morse Chain/Emerson Power Transmissions Remediation Report in PDF format


Click here to download the Former Morse Chain Factory Oil Releases map in PDF format

Click here to download the Emerson Power Transmissions Facility - Trichloroethylene Concerns map in PDF format

Communications and Coalition Letters

Walter Hang letter to NYSDEC regarding EPT N/SPDES permit

Ithaca Common Council Oppose EPT Easement Coalition Letter