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Gowanus Canal Community Cleanup Campaign

This campaign is a joint effort between Toxics Targeting and
Please visit their web site to learn more about this campaign.

Coalition Letter Which Requests That Governor Hochul Comprehensively Remediate All Toxic Sites in the Gowanus Canal Community to "Pre-Disposal Conditions."

Table 1
Reference Reports
Map Group Facility ID Report Link
A C224316 Report.BCP.C224316.2012-06-01.Site Investigation Report-TRC.pdf
B C224367 Application.BCP.C224367.2022-06-21.Complete_BCP_Application.pdf
C C224222 Application.BCP.C224222.2012-07-01.Remedial Investigation Report-Fulton MGP.pdf
D C224080 Report.BCP.C224080.2022-01-13.RI Report.pdf
E C224220A Report.BCP.C224220A.2023-04-14.Site Characterization - Goundwater and Soil Vapor.pdf
F C224329 Application.BCP.C224329.2020-10-02.Supplemental Investigation Report.pdf
G C224309 Report.BCP.C224309.2020-10-27.Remedial Investigation Report Final.pdf
H C224225 Report.BCP.C224225.2023-02-02.335 Bond Street Revised Final Remedial Investigation Report.pdf
I C224220 Report.BCP.C224220.2019-08-16.Final RIR (Labs and Pre Reports Separate).pdf
J C224173 Report.BCP.C224173.2014-11-24.RIR.pdf
K C224219 Report.BCP.C224219.2017-05-05.Report.BCP.C224219.2017-05-17.RIR_FINAL.pdf.pdf
L C224221 Report.BCP.C224221.2022-08-15.RIR Draft.pdf
M C224174 Report.BCP.C224174.2014-09-08.RIR.pdf
N C224346 Report.BCP.C224346.2021-11-01.Subsurface_Investigation_Report.pdf
O C224209 Report.BCP.C224209.2019-12-02.Final RIR.pdf
P C224100 Report.BCP.C224100.2006-10-31.Final_RIR_Part1of6.pdf
Q C224012B Report.BCP.C224012B.2005-10-28.Final Remedial Investigation Report from VCP.pdf

473 President St Brooklyn Site: Figure 5 Off-Site Soil Vapor VOC Detections

473 President St Brooklyn Site: Figure 4 Off-Site Groundwater VOC Detections

Gowanus Community Update 4/2023 excerpts and full update

New York State Department of Health Air Sampling Results Letter (and attachments) - 282 Nevins Street, Brooklyn - April 7, 2023

Public Health and Environmental Toxic Threats Along the Gowanus Canal That Reportedly Do Not Meet All Applicable Cleanup Standards

EPA letter to Susan Edwards, Acting Director, NYSDEC Division of Environmental Remediation regarding the Former Citizens Gas Works Manufactured Gas Plant (MGP) site

Please Do Not Adopt the Fatally Flawed Proposed "expedited cleanup of contamination at 514 Union Street," Brownfield Site # C224318

Write a Personalized Letter to Governor Hochul to Request a Comprehensive Cleanup of All Toxic Sites in the Gowanus Canal Community to "pre-disposal conditions" in Strict Compliance With New York State Law

Statement of Margaret Maugenest, Long-Term Gowanus Canal Community Resident and Cancer Survivor