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Upstate New York man finds his kitchen faucet spews flames


CANDOR, N.Y. - Fred Mayer has a special feature in his kitchen: a faucet that spews fire.

Mayer says that about three years ago the well supplying water to his home in Candor became polluted with natural gas.

Explosive vapors now run from his tap along with the water.

The Vietnam veteran demonstrates by holding a lighter to the running water and igniting it with a flash.

Mayer jokes that he can wash his dishes and poach an egg at the same time.

But it's no joke. Experts say the house could explode if the faucet emits enough gas.

State environmental officials say the gas was created and released by nature, but Mayer suspects that drilling by an energy company is to blame.

The natural-gas company Fortuna Energy denies any link to the problem.