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Arcuri Wants New York to Start Over on Fracking


Congressman Michael Arcuri focuses on fracking while meeting with voters in Oneonta.

Arcuri spoke to voters about the importance of drilling areas, and how many rigs can be set up in a mile radius.

He says New York needs to start over on addressing regulations for horizontal drilling, also called hydrofracking.

Arcuri says we must know how fracking will affect an active fault line.

The Congressman says monitoring fracking fluids is important to insure safety and keep our water clean.

"What are we going to do with the frack fluids, what are we going to do with the water that comes out of the ground, that's going to be contaminated, it's going to have brine in it; It's going to have chemicals in it, do we treat it locally? Well, if we treat it locally, can our water systems our sewer systems handle it?" says Arcuri.

He wants the state to do more work, and making sure they cover these issues before re-submitting the study.

"The state needs to make sure they're doing all the things that they need to do... They need to re-submit the study, they need to do a little more work on it, make sure they're covering all these issues and discuss them a little, and get a little more science, a little more background," the Congressman says.