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Hydrofracking Discussed At Broome Community College


Town of Dickinson, NY (WBNG Binghamton) An environmental activist brings his views and information about natural gas drilling to Broome Community College.

President of Toxics Targeting, Walter Hang, presents his studies on the potential impact of hydrofracking in the Southern Tier.

Hydrofracking is a process used to extract natural gas from shale underground.

Hang cites numerous cases where gas related incidents are linked to polluted homes and water supplies.

"So this is a very risky proposition. And the bottom line is, even if the Department of Environmental Conservation is watching over these practices, they are so short handed, They really can't provide effective oversight," said Walter Hang President of Toxics Targeting.

Using the hydrofracking process for gas drilling in New York is on hold.

The Department of Environmental Conservation is currently reviewing regulations before issuing drilling permits.

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