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Anti-drilling protest


UNION, N.Y. -- A group of Southern Tier residents made quite a stir Wednesday morning in the Town of Union. Members of various anti-drilling groups came together when they learned DEC Commissioner Joseph Martens was being interviewed at a local media outlet.

The group held up the signs as the commissioner exited the facility.

We spoke with one person who got a chance to talk to the commissioner and members of his team. She says she was pleased they let her speak her mind.

"We are all human beings and I said to her as you drive around, look at these beautiful hills, look at these trees, remember every family in here has unfiltered water. We are sitting ducks for this," Rema Loeb said.

"I think we sent a strong message that we are listening, we are here we are not going away and that we really demand only what is fair. We demand that the government be responsible to its citizens to provide them equal protection that we all need," Ben Perkus said.

The group says they want the DEC to know they are not pleased with the proposed draft regulations and would like to see the recommendations completely redone.