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Anti-Hydrofracking protestors gather outside State of State [AUDIO]


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More than 100 protestors opposed to hydrofracking gathered in the Empire State Plaza Wednesday outside the auditorium where Governor Andrew Cuomo delivered his State of the State address, chanting "no fracking way!"

The governor has chosen his words carefully about the controversial natural gas drilling technique. He's said that he wants to protect the state's natural resources but let the science determine whether fracking can be done safely. Protestors complained that Cuomo is fast-tracking the environmental review. They said this year they want to see him stand firmly against the practice. Walter Hang was one of the protest leaders:

I think the problem is he’s already made the decision he wants to allow horizontal hydrofracking to occur because he thinks it will provide economic benefits, but just recently in the area where he wants to allow it to happen the Southern Tier, Binghamton voted to temporarily ban it. So we’re sending a strong message New Yorkers aren't confident horizontal hydrofracking can be done safely.

Many of the demonstrators had traveled to the Capitol from the Southern Tier, where much of the proposed drilling would take place.

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