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Anti-Fracking Protest on BOCES


Anti-fracking advocates were hoping that getting up early would help them catch the attention of two elected officials.

Concerned citizens about hydrofracking gathered Friday morning outside Glenwood BOCES to request that Assembly Woman Donna Lupardo and Senator Tom Libous sign a pledge for the DEC not to lift its current defacto moratorium on hydrofracking until all 17 of their concerns have been met.

Lupardo and Libous were scheduled to attend a legislative breakfast at BOCES.

Both Lupardo and Libous are both members of the Gas advisory Panel to Governor Cuomo, who ultimately will make the final decision.

"We just want to make sure the advisory committee is committed to protecting us and into fulfilling their responsibility and so that's why we are asking each of them to sign this pledge," said Ben Perkus of NYRAD.

The 17 concerns are spelled out in a coalition letter that has more than 22,000 signatures from citizens, politicians, and religious groups.

The NYRAD group was not able to make direct contact with Libous and Lupardo during the demonstration.