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Group Calls On Cuomo To Slow Down On Fracking


Binghamton, NY (WBNG Bingamton) Local leaders and members of a statewide coalition raise the alert about any possible hydrofracking demonstration project.

The coalition has received more than 2,300 signatures on a letter to the Governor.

They're concerned about any potential planning to site a a natural gas drilling test using hydraulic fracturing somewhere in the Southern Tier.

"If the Governor is really going to listen to executive order 41. Which really if you read it closely he can't go forward. Legally he can't go forward because they have not done sufficient research into many different areas and so I hope that he's listening," said Matthew Ryan, (D) Binghamton Mayor.

"If it isn't safe in the New York City watershed then it shouldn't be allowed anywhere else. Until all these safeguards have been adopted we don't think that the Southern Tier or any other area should be the learning experience for the fracking industry," said President of Toxics Targeting, Walter Hang.

Currently there is a statewide moratorium on hydrofracking.

The New York Department of Environmental Conservation has yet to finalize permitting regulations.