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New Yorkers Against Fracking


There is a new push to try to convince Governor Andrew Cuomo not to lift the moratorium on hydrofracking.

Binghamton Mayor Matt Ryan and representatives of several environmental and anti-fracking organizations have signed onto a letter that demands fracking not be allowed to move forward if its not safe for all areas of the state. The group also says the Governor needs to make sure that an executive order is followed that requires a full environmental and public health assessment before fracking can proceed. 2,300 people have signed onto the letter, including Walter Hang, who is the President of Toxics Targeting, an environmental database company in Ithaca.

Hang says, "We have to make sure if New York State goes forward with fracking that it's safe for all New Yorkers. It doesn't make sense to bar it from the New York City watershed, bar it from state land, but allow it in other places. We believe the Governor is a champion of equal protection to all New Yorkers and we want that extended to fracking."

Hang says other people who have signed the letter include scientists and doctors.