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Ryan Calls on Cuomo to Not Test Fracking in NYS


A group that includes Binghamton Mayor Matt Ryan is sending a letter to Governor Cuomo calling for him to oppose any fracking test- demonstration project in New York State.

Walter Hang, President of Toxics Targeting said 2,300 people signed the letter. According to Hang, the letter is critical of a plan to use a parcel of land to test drill, even before the state might decide to lift the morotorium on fracking.

"These letters are very, very powerful. They're very detailed and they have incredible support from elected officials, scientists, civic and environmental organizations," said Hang.

The letter says no fracking should take place in New York State before the Department of Environmental Conservation completes its most recent report on the environmental and health impacts of fracking.

One unplanned part of Tuesday's announcement was the presence of the man who served the City of Binghamton papers for the lawsuit over its fracking ban.

Vic Furman of Chenango Forks is one of the principals of the suit which claims the ban is invalid because it needs to be referred to the County Planning Department.

Furman says he'd be happy to have his five acres be part of a fracking demonstration project.

Maor Ryan, meanwhile, feels the city's ban will be upheld by the courts.

"Yes I would. I would. And it wouldn't be experimental. Let's face it, they've been hydrofracking gas wells, horizontal wells since 1982," said Furman

"If we do, we do. That's what courts are all about. If we don't, we'll start over again. If the courts decide we didn't do it properly - and I think we did because we did it under police powers rather than land use and zoning - but that's what the courts are for," said Ryan.

The case against the city is in State Supreme Court.