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Trying to Stop Possible Isolated Drilling


Some anti-fracking environmental leaders are reaching out to Governor Andrew Cuomo's top campaign contributors to say unless drilling is safe everywhere, it is not safe anywhere.

Discussion of the possibility of sporadic drilling in the Southern Tier started on June 13, when the New York Times reported that the Cuomo Administration is pursuing a plan to allow drilling in communities that want it.

In an effort to take action before this possible proposal takes hold, local anti-fracking leaders have sent letters to Governor Cuomo's 1,000 biggest campaign contributors.

"We are doing everything we can to make that they understand that residents of the Southern Tier should not be treated as second class citizens with regard to shale gas fracking," said [Walter] Hang of Toxics Targeting. "If it's not safe for everywhere in New York, it certainly isn't safe in the five counties."

In addition to the letters, 3,000 signatures have also been sent directly to Governor Cuomo.