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Hydrofracking debate plays into election season


BINGHAMTON, N.Y. -- As election season nears, the hydrofracking debate gets heated in the Southern Tier. Democratic Congressional candidate Dan Lamb held a rally in Binghamton opposing hydraulic fracturing in five counties in the Southern Tier on Tuesday afternoon.

“I believe it’s dangerous, short-sighted and irresponsible to move for without knowing all the risks,” said Lamb.

Lamb is running against Congressman Richard Hanna for the newly created 22nd Congressional District, which includes all or part of three out of the five counties where governor Cuomo may allow fracking.

“It would be reckless and potentially catastrophic to advance this industry prior to restoring critical environmental safeguards, completing the honest research needed to prove that this industry is indeed safe,” said Lamb.

With lots of people on both sides of the issue, many say hydrofracking will play a key role in the upcoming election.

“In a way this election in November is going to be a public referendum on the issue of hydrofracking it’s not about party allegiance, it’s about an issue that will affect everyone,” said Doug Vitarius, Sanford Resident.

Lamb called out Hanna for what he says is not taking a stance on the issue yet.

"Congressman Hanna has not declared his position on gas drilling,” said Lamb. “He's said the same thing so many have said, 'I'm for safe drilling,' but what does that mean?"

YNN reached out to Hanna about the issue and he responded by saying, “I’ve consistently said that I would only support fracking in New York if it is proven by science to be safe and would not put our water supply at risk. The decision to access natural gas should not be made based on politics or emotion, but rather the facts.”

An issue that is sure to be a hot topic right into November.