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Anti-fracking group calls health review process "surreal"


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Albany, NY, Dec 04, 2012 — A coalition of environmentalists and elected officials called on Governor Cuomo's health and environmental agencies to provide more information on a health review on hydraulic fracturing that they say has been shrouded in secrecy.

The group, which includes the Sierra Club, and Binghamton Mayor Matt Ryan, call the lack of information about the Cuomo Administration’s fracking health review process "insane" and "surreal".

Their complaints came on the day that a panel of outside experts was to complete a review of health data that Mayor Ryan says has never been made public.

"We’re appalled at the way this process has gone forward," Ryan said. "The most important part of this whole thing is the public’s health, and it’s almost like it’s an afterthought."

The group is demanding that at least one more public hearing be held before a decision is made on the future of fracking in New York.