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Fracking Protesters Send Message to Governor


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Governor Cuomo stayed silent on the issue of fracking during his State of the State Address today. Judging by the crowd in the halls leading to Cuomo's speech, he was one of the few who did.

"I've worked here for 35 years. I've never seen this kind of demonstration. It is an unmistakable message to the Governor - 'Don't go forward with fracking,'" said Walter Hang of Toxics Targeting.

"$500 million or more has been spend on the GEISs (Generic Environmental Impact Statements). It's time to move forward," said landowner Vic Furman of Chenango Forks.

With public comment on the state's Supplemental Generic Environmental Impact Statement ending Friday, anti-fracking activists pushed their message on one of the highest-profile days of the state's political calendar.

"Governor Cuomo, that is shameful. Your state scientists and health professionals are calling on you. Enough with the improvisational, ad hoc, made-up studies that serve to justify a public health atrocity," said author and ecologist Dr. Sandra Steingraber.

But landowners who want to see the state allow fracking had a message of their own - it's time to allow the drilling practice in New York State.

"I just sold my cows in the Spring because milk doesn't pay. We need to drill, we need to come up with some money somewhere so we can rebuild and recharge our farms and this is our answer. It's our property. We sell our assest. We restart," said Anthony Tavelli, a dairy farmer from Speedsville, NY.

****In Albany, Jason Weinstein, Fox 40 HD News****

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