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Push for public comment on fracking review


Binghamton, NY (WBNG Binghamton) A coalition letter against Hydraulic Fracturing is circulating the area and asks for public participation on the Department of Health's review.

The letter to Governor Cuomo wants to see the "DOH's Review of the Public Health Impact on High Volume, Hydraulic Fracturing" put on hold until there is opportunity for public feedback.

"And if he does not give us what we've requested so respectfully, he's going to continue to absorb tremendous criticism, again not just from local government officials but senior leadership in the Assembly and the State Senate," said President of Toxics Targeting Walter Hang.

Binghamton Mayor Matthew Ryan was joined with the President of Toxics Targeting and a representative of New York Residents Against Drilling.

More than 1,500 citizens signed the letter that was released on Sunday.

"We hope that he (Gov. Cuomo) will be guided by our very respectful coalition letter to open this entire proceeding up to public participation. This is the most important environmental issue for the Southern Tier in a generation," Hang said.

Toxics Targeting is an environmental data services company that provides online interactive maps of known or potential toxic sites, some from traditional gas drilling.

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