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Joe Mahoney

State Energy Policies Debated

ALBANY — The Cuomo administration's energy policies have come under criticism from both pro-development advocates and climate activists following an increase in shipping compressed natural gas by truck amid the state's refusal to allow the construction of industrial pipelines.

Audit says N.Y. pipeline oversight is lax

With the federal government relying on state regulators as "the first line of defense" in ensuring the safety of natural gas pipelines, New York's Department of Public Service must provide better oversight of the 91,181 miles of transmission infrastructure, an audit has determined.

Area official questions use of brine on roads

COOPERSTOWN -- In the summer of 2010, residents of the Otsego County town of Pittsfield said they noticed a tanker truck equipped with nozzles spreading what they later learned was natural gas well brine on town roads.

They said they had a number of questions, including: Who permitted it and why? Where was the brine from? Did the liquid being spread pose a potential health hazard?

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