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Ithaca Solvent Pollution

Clinton West Plaza named Superfund site for VOC cleanup

ITHACA — The Clinton West Plaza — home of Ohm Electronics, Tanfastic, the Ithaca Pennysaver and the Daycare and Child Development Council of Tompkins County, among others — has recently been added as the
12th state Superfund site in Tompkins County.

Draft plan on South Hill cleanup available to public

A draft work plan for cleanup at the South Hill Business Campus brownfield site is open for public comment from now until Jan. 24.

State insists S. Hill school's air is safe for kids

ITHACA — Representatives from the state Departments of Environmental Conservation, Health and Education reaffirmed their belief that South Hill Elementary School is safe and no further testing is needed at a public meeting at the school Monday night.

Some parents, elected officials and environmental activists at the meeting continued to insist that further testing of classroom air must occur before they will feel safe.

ICSD has no request in for TCE testing

ITHACA — The Ithaca City School District has not formally requested additional indoor air testing at South Hill Elementary school, according to a state Department of Environmental Conservation spokeswoman Friday afternoon.

“ICSD hasn't put a formal request to us in writing in order to consider it,” said Diane Carlton, citizen participation specialist for the DEC. State agencies such as the DEC require requests in writing before they can consider them, she said. “I expect that if they really and truly want this, they would put something in writing.”

Letter asks state for more TCE tests at elementary

ITHACA — The state should conduct additional testing for TCE and other toxic chemicals at South Hill Elementary School, according to a letter signed by a coalition of parents, citizens and elected officials.

The letter is being sent today to the New York State Department of Health. It demands additional indoor air testing in classrooms as soon as the heating season begins because trapped air holds in more toxins.

Emerson: TCE at school from old NCR factory

ITHACA — Low levels of TCE contamination found at South Hill Elementary School likely came from a sewer line from the old National Cash Register factory, rather than from Emerson Power Transmission, according to a Wednesday press release from Emerson.

Field work begins on South Hill Monday

ITHACA — Many South Hill residents on Monday will begin to see the latest round of field work associated with the environmental contamination in their neighborhood.

Hinchey backs TCE testing at Wallace site

ITHACA — Congressman Maurice Hinchey has thrown his support behind state Department of Environmental Conservation efforts to test for trichloroethylene contamination at the former Wallace Industries and Morse Industrial
Corporation sites in Ithaca.

Environmental mess: DEC response is promising

The state Department of Environmental Conservation struck first.

Responding to a Journal story earlier this week that detailed how documents show a history of contamination at the former Wallace Industries site on Cherry Street in Ithaca, DEC Commissioner Peter Grannis moved swiftly by saying the agency would be investigating soon.

We noted in this space on Wednesday that the DEC and its cleanup colleagues at the federal Environmental Protection Agency tend to act slowly when it comes to remediation efforts in our area.

DEC promises quick testing at former Wallace site

ITHACA — Department of Environmental Conservation commissioner Pete Grannis has committed to testing soil for contamination at the former Wallace Industries site, a spokesperson said Wednesday.


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