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Fracking issues raised by Auburn wastewater report

AUBURN, N.Y. -- An engineering firm hired by Auburn to clear the way for the city to accept wastewater from gas drilling has concluded the city's wastewater treatment plant can't handle it.

The firm's study could have broad implications in New York's debate about hydrofracking.

The report, by the engineering firm GHD, Inc., in Cazenovia, said that because of the high levels of chlorides (a constituent of salt) in gas drilling wastewater, the Auburn wastewater treatment plant "has no additional capacity to accept vertical natural gas well wastewater."

Auburn group hopes protest sways city to stop taking wastewater from natural gas drilling

An Auburn group is planning a rally on Thursday to try to convince the city to stop accepting wastewater produced by natural gas drilling companies.
The protest will start at 4 p.m. outside Memorial City Hall, 24 South St., a half-hour before city council convenes inside the building.

“The message we want (to send) is that we want the city to stop taking any natural gas drilling wastewater,’’ said Beth Beer Cuddy, one of the founding members of the Cayuga Anti-Fracking Alliance.

Tioga County man blames nearby gas drilling for polluting his well

Candor, NY -- Fred Mayer holds a lighter to his faucet, lets the water run, and — pow — the flow ignites into a small fireball. “I can wash my dishes and poach an egg at the same time,” he joked.

But it’s no laughing matter. Mayer’s faucets spew natural gas. The gas has polluted his water supply, forcing Mayer to buy bottled water to drink. If enough gas builds up in his faucets or walls, scientists warn, Mayer’s house could explode.

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