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Activists Respond To Fracking Ban Included In NYS Executive Budget

CNG Truck Crash Latest: Environmentalists Note Deadly Coincidence

BINGHAMTON, N.Y. - Environmentalists are renewing efforts today to put a halt on the approval of natural gas transfer facilities after the fatal compressed natural gas truck accident in Fenton.

Campaign Launches To Ban All Fracking In New York

Toxics Targeting, Inc. is launching a campaign to ban all types of High-Volume Hydraulic Fracturing (HVHF) in New York State, including gelled propane fracking that could come to Barton, NY.

Environmentalists Across New York are Asking Cuomo for a Moratorium on Fossil Fuel Projects

Environmentalists from all across New York are urging Governor Andrew Cuomo to issue a moratorium on all fossil fuel projects after newly released data shows that state officials fail to regulate and clean up after them.

Square One For NG Advantage: Company Resubmitting All Permits For Fenton Site

Vermont-based NG Advantage must re-apply for all permits and applications as it looks for approval to build a fueling station for trucks transporting compressed natural gas.

Environmental Analyst: NG Advantage Misleading Fenton Residents

A study conducted by four environmental experts reveals NG Advantage is misleading residents by comparing its proposed natural gas site in Fenton to the one in Milton, Vermont.

Environmentalists Call on Governor Cuomo to Halt Fenton Natural Gas Compressor Station

Environmentalists on Friday were calling on Governor Andrew Cuomo to put a moratorium on the controversial Town of Fenton natural gas compressor station and other projects like it.

Environmental Activist Calls for In-Depth Investigation of 'Ancient' Pipeline

An environmental activist has called on the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) to require an in-depth investigation of a no longer functioning crude oil pipeline that runs through parts of Upstate New York.

Activists call for Fossil Fuel Infrastructure Ban in NY

A number of environmental activists and 22 members of the State Legislature are calling on Governor Cuomo to prohibit permits for new fossil fuel infrastructure.


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