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Phase I Environmental Database Reports

Top-Quality Reports

Many of the most respected consultants in the nation use Toxics Targeting's top-quality Environmental Data Reports. We check more databases than our national competitors, interactively map tens of thousands of sites with incomplete addresses or no addresses at all and provide extensive information that is not available from any other single public or private source. This includes a great deal of bulk storage and hazardous waste information that is now withheld from public disclosure due to Homeland Security concerns. We are also the only environmental database firm that maps sites on a lot-by-lot basis throughout the five boroughs of New York City.

Phase I Consultants

Toxics Targeting specialize in providing Environmental Database Reports to engineers and environmental consultants who perform Phase I Environmental Site Assessments required for secured mortgage loan originations or foreclosures. Our reports fulfill the federal "all appropriate inquiry" protocol and American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM) 1527 13.

Toxics Targeting's reports are emailed in a PDF format that allows individual site profiles to be retrieved by clicking each map identification number. As a result, reports can be reviewed very quickly and efficiently. Toxics Targeting is the only firm that provides this feature.


Toxics Targeting provides reports to homebuyers, real estate attorneys, banks, credit unions and other lenders, appraisers, home inspectors, real estate brokers and other real estate professionals.

Project Applications

In addition to Phase I's, engineers and consultants use Toxics Targeting's reports to perform Phase II Environmental Site Assessments, hazardous waste site remediations, Sensitive Receptor Assessments, Brownfield Redevelopments, Historic Use Assessments, Regulatory Compliance Audits, Environmental Impact Statements, Subsurface Investigations, Watershed Characterizations, Stormwater Management Planning, Vapor Intrusion Studies, environmental due diligence, mortgage portfolio reviews, highway and railroad corridor studies, wellhead studies, Land-use Management Planning, Groundwater Management Planning, Resource Management Planning, rezoning studies, Source Water Assessment Program (SWAP) studies and tax certiorari matters.

Toxics Targeting's Phase I Environmental Database Reports are provided @ $150.00 each. Call for volume discount information.