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Marcellus Shale Citizen Alerts

Post datesort descending Alert Title
05/14/11 Request for legislators to co-sign Lifton Letter to Governor Cuomo
05/16/11 Marcellus Shale Update/Please redouble your efforts
05/18/11 Major Alert: Natural Gas Leasing Impacts on Mortgage Lending
05/25/11 Gas Leasing/Mortgage Lending Coverage
06/06/11 Auburn Rally Photos 6/2/2011
06/10/11 Urgent Alert: Submit Written Comments ASAP to DEC Regarding Revising the draft SGEIS
06/16/11 Draft Letter to Commissioner Martens Requesting That Additional Concerns be Addressed by Revision of draft SGEIS
06/16/11 Generic Letter to Commissioner Martens Requesting That Additional Concerns be Addressed by Revision of draft SGEIS
06/20/11 More than 200 letters already sent to Commissioner Martens Re: Expanding the Scope of DEC's Revision of draft SGEIS
06/21/11 More than 300 letters sent to Commissioner Martens Re: Expanding the Scope of DEC's Revision of draft SGEIS
06/30/11 Three months to thwart Governor Cuomo's fundamentally unfair Marcellus Shale proposal
07/01/11 We are underway/Martens News Conference at 11 AM in Albany/GET THERE
07/06/11 Recent coverage of the revised draft SGEIS/activists confront Commissioner Martens in Binghamton/Auburn update
07/08/11 Auburn, NY votes to ban acceptance of gas drilling wastewater at its treatment plant
07/08/11 vote to support the Auburn gas drilling wastewater ban
07/20/11 Marcellus Shale Interactive Map
08/31/11 Get Ready For Action/Revised Draft SGEIS About to be Released
10/21/11 NYT coverage of mortgage lending and natural gas/oil leasing/Thanks to known and unknown friends for providing key documents
11/03/11 Urgent Action Alert/Sign New Coalition Letter Requesting that Governor Cuomo Withdraw the Revised Draft SGEIS
11/04/11 More than 1,000 signatories in less than one day!!!
11/09/11 Withdraw Revised Draft SGEIS Coalition Letter Now Has More Than 2,000 Signatories/Pour it on!!!
11/15/11 Withdraw Revised Draft SGEIS Coalition Letter Has Nearly 3,000 Signatories/URGENT ALERT: Thursday DEC Hearing in Binghamton
11/16/11 Withdraw Revised Draft SGEIS Coalition Letter Receives Terrific Press Coverage/Thanks Mayor Ryan/See You Thursday in Binghamton
11/18/11 See Photos from the November 17th Binghamton Rally
11/24/11 Great Day in Binghamton/Coalition Letter Has more than 4,100 signatories/Beat the Bushes for Holiday Signatories
12/02/11 Withdraw Revised Draft SGEIS Coalition Letter Has Nearly 10,000 signatories/Big Heads Up
12/11/11 Coalition Letter Up to Nearly 10,700 Signatories/Special Session/More Press/Submit Comments
12/21/11 Coalition Letter Up to Nearly 11,000 Signatories/Contribute/More Press/Binghamton Ban?
12/26/11 Coalition Letter Has More Than 20,000 Signatories!!! Binghamton Ban/See You in Albany on 1-4-12 for State of the State
12/31/11 Governor Cuomo Updated Regarding More Than 20,900 Signatories to the Withdraw RD SGEIS Coalition Letter
01/04/12 Hope to See You Today (1/4/12) at State of the State/Very important New Iniative
01/13/12 Wow/Powerful EPA Comments/Keep slugging
01/23/12 2012 is looking mighty good so far/Please help with the de facto moratorium pledge
02/02/12 Citizen Alert/Urgent Action Requested
02/04/12 Unbelievably Great Response to the Hydrofracturing Panel Pledge Drive
02/15/12 Tumultuous SGEIS Week/Urgent Action Alert
02/16/12 Thank You All/Keep Slugging
05/01/12 Hallelujah: No Final Fracking Decision Yet/NYS Moratorium Holds/Urgent Help Needed
05/11/12 New Coalition Letter Requests Governor Cuomo to Block A Possible Fracking Demonstration Project in the Southern Tier and Fulfill Executive Order No. 41 Mandates
05/15/12 New Coalition Letter has already gained more than 1,300 signatories
06/12/12 No Fracking Demonstration Project Coalition Letter coverage/Hold onto your hats
06/14/12 Governor Cuomo's Reported Shale Gas Demo Project/76 Legislators Sign Critical Letter/The Chips Are Down
06/27/12 Red Alert on Shale Gas Fracking/Detailed Plan of Action Outlined
06/30/12 Urgent: Letter requesting that localities pass no pro-fracking resolutions
07/01/12 Thanks/More info regarding opposing local pro-fracking resolutions
07/11/12 Impressive Beginning/More letters urgently needed to oppose local pro-fracking resolutions
07/18/12 Adoption of local pro-fracking resolutions opposed in all five Fracking Demo Project counties and total of 33 municipalities
08/02/12 Final Fracking Decision?/Governor Cuomo's top 1,000 Campaign Contributors Asked to Oppose Reported Southern Tier Fracking Demo Project
08/30/12 Historic Event in Binghamton/Thanks so much
08/31/12 Bad fracking deals looming?/Critical period at-hand