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Marcellus Shale Citizen Alerts

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08/22/13 Tomorrow is the Big Day/See You in Binghamton
08/24/13 Thank You for a Magnificent Fractivist Rally In Binghamton
10/01/13 Fruits of Amazing and Unrelenting Hard Work/New York's Shale Fracking Moratorium Enters Sixth Year/Unprecedented Shale Fracking Opposition Documented in New Siena Poll
10/10/13 Critically Important New Development/Your Hard Work Results in Yet Another Red Letter Day
10/17/13 Governor Cuomo Reportedly Believes His Administration is Doing a "Good Job" on DOH Review/Your Eloquent Missives to the Contrary/Important New Sign-On Letter
10/25/13 Important New Sign-On Coalition Letter Gains Nearly 800 Signatories/Potentially Useful Chats With Giant Green Group Presidents/Beat the Bushes for More Signatories
12/02/13 Counting Our Blessings/Forging Ahead to Meet Our Biggest Challenge Yet
12/18/13 "Good tidings of great joy"/Keep cranking up the heat/Thanks for supporting this campaign
12/31/13 Come One, Come All to Governor Cuomo's State of the State Address on January 8th in Albany
01/08/14 Vote With Your Feet This Wednesday/Attend State of the State on January 8th in Albany/Illuminating WNBF Interview
01/14/14 Epic State of the State Rally Thronged by 2,000+ Fractivists/Thanks So Much/Keep Slugging
06/04/14 Cuomo Reelection Campaign Kicks Into High Gear/Sprint to the Finish
06/23/14 Landmark Auburn, NY Gas Extraction Wastewater Dumping Ban Victory/Help Ian Urbina Beef Up His Twitter following
07/11/14 Withdraw Outdated Draft SGEIS Coalition Letter Delivered/Amazing Signatories/Go, Go, Go
07/30/14 Guess who joined our fight???/Latest Coalition Letter Goes Nuclear
08/07/14 Zephyr Teachout to Meet Fractivists in Ithaca This Saturday (8/9/14)/More Excellent News/Howie Hawkins, Green Party Gubernatorial Candidate, Signs Our New Coalition Letter
08/20/14 Incredible Zephyr Teachout Meeting With Fractivists in Ithaca/Less Than Three Weeks to Go Until Democratic Primary Day
09/02/14 Please Take Urgent Action: The Coming Week Could Determine the Fate of Shale Fracking in New York State/The Seven Days Until the Democratic Gubernatorial Primary Will be a "Political Eternity"
09/08/14 URGENT ACTION ALERT: Tomorrow's Democratic Primary (9/9/14) Could Decide the Fate of Shale Fracking in New York/Tim Wu Signs our Withdraw the Draft SGEIS Coalition Letters
09/09/14 Thank You and Congratulations on Yet Another Historic Fractivist Day
09/11/14 Superb Job on Primary Day/Push Harder Than Ever Until Election Day: 11/4/14
09/19/14 Plan of Action Until Election Day/More Amazingly Powerful Letters Sent to Andrew Cuomo/Prominent Fractivists Respectfully Write Green Groups
10/02/14 Great Front-Page Fractivist Coverage Cranks up the Heat as Andrew Cuomo's Reelection Bid Enters Crucial Final Stage
10/28/14 Cuomo Says DOH "Review" Should be Done by End of 2014/Crank up the Heat/Contributors Letter/Assemblywoman Deborah Glick Fracking Town Hall Meeting
11/02/14 Take Urgent Action in the Days Ahead
11/07/14 Thank You for a Great Gubernatorial Campaign/Cuomo Could Make Key Shale Fracking Decision by End of Year/Take Action Today
11/12/14 Red Letter Day!!! Landmark Editorial in The New York Times Echoes Our DOH "Review" Concerns and Requests
12/05/14 Thank you/Our Biggest Challenge Looms Directly Ahead
12/23/14 Please allow me to wish all New Yorkers the Happiest of Frack-Free Holidays/Thanks so much for your help
01/07/15 Amazing Revelations in the DOH Public Health Review/Thanks So Much For All Your Help
03/11/15 Please sign a new coalition letter to help make sure that shale fracking is never permitted in New York
04/09/15 Red Alert: Call Governor Cuomo Today to Require Public Participation Before Proposing a Final SGEIS
04/27/15 Governor Cuomo reportedly does not plan to permanently ban shale fracking in NYS/Call Governor Cuomo to Require Public Participation Before Proposing a Final SGEIS
05/13/15 Breaking News: Final SGEIS does NOT Necessarily Prohibit Marcellus Shale Fracking in New York State
05/14/15 Please Sign a Critically Important New Coalition Letter/The Fate of Shale Fracking in NYS Will Likely Be Decided In the Next Nine Days
05/22/15 Please Keep Calling Governor Cuomo Until the Final SGEIS Findings Statement is Issued/Counting Proverbial Chickens Before They Hatch Can Be Disastrous
05/27/15 Truly Amazing DEC Revelations/Please Keep Calling Governor Cuomo/Thanks for all of your help
05/31/15 No Final SGEIS Findings Statement Issued Yet/Eight Days and Counting
06/03/15 No Final SGEIS Findings Statement Issued Yet/Ten Days and Counting
06/05/15 EPA Draft National Fracking Study Released/Keep Calling Governor Cuomo/We are not out of the woods yet
06/19/15 Still No Shale Fracking Prohibition in New York State SIX MONTHS after Cuomo Administration Promise
06/25/15 Still No Final SGEIS Findings Statement Issued as Legislative Session Drags On and Many Deals Are Being Struck
06/30/15 Congratulations on winning the biggest environmental victory in a generation
07/07/15 Thank you for all of your lovely comments/This amazing victory belongs to everyone who helped make our campaign such an astounding success
07/16/15 Urgent Action Alert/New York's Shale Fracking Prohibition Challenged by Gelled Propane Fracking Permit Applications For Tioga County
07/24/15 Prohibit Gelled Propane Fracking Coalition letter Gains 750+ Signatories and Extensive Media Coverage/New York's Much-Ballyhooed Statewide Fracking "Ban" Has a Dangerous Loophole That We Must Close ASAP
07/28/15 Prohibit Gelled Propane/LPG Fracking Coalition letter Gains 800+ Signatories and Important New Media Coverage/See Heartbreaking Pics/Maps of Fracking Devastation in CO, ND, CA and PA
09/24/15 Urgent Red Alert/Help prohibit all types of shale fracking in New York/LPG fracking decision could be imminent
10/02/15 Take urgent action to prohibit all types of shale fracking in New York/Marcellus Shale fracking with "gelled propane" could be permitted any day!!!!
10/22/15 Additional National News Coverage Documents Loopholes in New York's High-Volume Hydraulic Fracturing Prohibition/Critical Deadline for Legal Action Looming