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Marcellus Shale Citizen Alerts

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07/26/17 Take Action to Require Governor Cuomo to Protect Incomparable Cayuga Lake From Salt Mining Pollution Threats
12/21/16 Take Action Today to Require President Obama to Make Sure That Donald Trump Cannot Frack America
03/28/13 Take Immediate Action to Require Governor Cuomo to Undertake a Shale Gas Public Health Impact STUDY
08/08/18 Take Immediate, Urgent Action to Require Governor Cuomo to DENY the Section 401 Water Quality Certification for the Constitution Pipeline
11/02/14 Take Urgent Action in the Days Ahead
08/10/18 Take Urgent Action to Halt Dominion New Market Pipeline/Demand That the Town of Dryden Withdraw All Local Approvals and Require Governor Cuomo to Revoke the SPPP
02/05/17 Take Urgent Action to Kill Newly Requested Wetland and Waterway Protection Variances for Dominion New Market Pipeline
10/02/15 Take urgent action to prohibit all types of shale fracking in New York/Marcellus Shale fracking with "gelled propane" could be permitted any day!!!!
07/29/16 Take Urgent Action to Require Governor Cuomo to DENY Section 401 Water Quality Certifications Required for the Dominion New Market Pipeline and Other Fossil Fuel Projects Across New York
08/10/18 Take Urgent Action to Require Town of Dryden Officials to Halt the Borger Compressor Station Expansion by Enforcing Local Regulatory Requirements and a Public Utility Approval Moratorium
03/07/13 Take Urgent Action Today
12/20/16 Take Urgent Action Today to Stop Donald Trump From Fracking America
03/22/16 Ten Days Until Tree-Felling Deadline for Proposed Constitution Pipeline/40 Days and Nights to Require Governor Cuomo to Deny the Section 401 Water Quality Certification Required for the Constitution Pipeline
02/25/11 Thank You - Thank You - Thank You
05/07/13 Thank you all so much/More Great News Coverage for Public Health Impact Study Letters/Home Rule Decision Likely Very Bad for Southern Tier Residents
02/16/12 Thank You All/Keep Slugging
09/09/14 Thank You and Congratulations on Yet Another Historic Fractivist Day
11/07/14 Thank You for a Great Gubernatorial Campaign/Cuomo Could Make Key Shale Fracking Decision by End of Year/Take Action Today
08/24/13 Thank You for a Magnificent Fractivist Rally In Binghamton
07/07/15 Thank you for all of your lovely comments/This amazing victory belongs to everyone who helped make our campaign such an astounding success
08/10/18 Thank You for All Your Generous Support/Please Help Toxics Targeting End New York's Addiction to Fossil Fuels
11/12/15 Thank you for Six Amazing Years of Protecting New York From Shale Fracking While Fracked Gas/Oil Production SKYROCKETED Nationwide
12/06/16 Thank You for Supporting Toxics Targeting's Miraculously Successful Campaign to Keep New York 100% Free of Shale Fracking and New Fossil Fuel Infrastructure Projects
09/15/10 Thank You/Binghamton Rally/Hearing a Huge Success
12/05/14 Thank you/Our Biggest Challenge Looms Directly Ahead
09/24/10 Thank You/Withdraw draft SGEIS Coalition Letter Reaches Goal of 10,000 Signatories/Cuomo's "Sacrosanct" Waters Map released/Ridgewood, NY presentation
07/17/18 Thanks For All Your Kind Words/Check Out an Excruciatingly Detailed After-Action Report on the Crestwood Gas Storage Battles in Reading, NY
12/10/10 Thanks for your help/Coalition letter Requesting Governor Paterson to Withdraw draft SGEIS Before He Leaves Office
08/10/18 Thanks to Everyone Who Attended the Amazing Dominion Energy Public Meeting on May 1, 2017/Take Urgent Action to Stop the Proposed Expansion of the Borger Compressor Station on Ellis Hollow Creek Road in Dryden, NY
08/10/18 Thanks to One and All Who Helped Stop Northern Access Pipeline/Read the Enthralling Section 401 Water Quality Certification Denial Letter
07/01/12 Thanks/More info regarding opposing local pro-fracking resolutions
02/08/13 The coming days are critical/It is Do or Die/Big Finish!!!
02/26/11 The New York Times Covers Marcellus Shale Gas Drilling Wastewater/Hold Onto Your Hats
03/02/16 The Next 30 Days Could be Critical in Deciding the Fate of the Proposed Constitution Pipeline/Take Relentless Action to Require Governor Cuomo to DENY the Section 401 WQC for That Proposed Project
07/02/13 The Pen is Mightier than the Sword / Fracking Panel Members Receive Hundreds of Eloquent Requests to Halt Secret DOH Shale Fracking Review
03/03/11 Third gas drilling wastewater article in NYT series posted
06/30/11 Three months to thwart Governor Cuomo's fundamentally unfair Marcellus Shale proposal
08/09/18 Time is of the Essence: Keep Calling and Writing to Kill Newly Requested Wetland and Waterway Protection Variances for Dominion New Market Pipeline
08/22/13 Tomorrow is the Big Day/See You in Binghamton
03/06/17 Town of Dryden Dominion New Market Pipeline Campaign Update/Nothing Has Yet Been Resolved/We Are Moving Political Mountains But We Must Keep Pushing Hard
03/09/17 Town of Dryden Supervisor Writes FERC to Oppose Granting Dominion's Requested Wetland/Waterbody Protection Variances and Notice to Proceed Until the Concerns We Documented Are Resolved
11/06/15 Troubling Questions Raised by Shale Fracking Industry's Decision not to Challenge New York's High-Volume Hydraulic Fracturing Prohibition in Court
05/27/15 Truly Amazing DEC Revelations/Please Keep Calling Governor Cuomo/Thanks for all of your help
02/15/12 Tumultuous SGEIS Week/Urgent Action Alert
02/12/13 Unbelievably Great Day/DOH Review Strategy Works Like a Charm/Thank You All/Not Over Yet
02/04/12 Unbelievably Great Response to the Hydrofracturing Panel Pledge Drive
11/01/12 Unplugged and Abandoned Gas/Oil Wells Map Alert
08/14/10 Update & Action Alert: Bird-Dogging Cuomo