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Marcellus Shale Citizen Alerts

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08/07/14 Zephyr Teachout to Meet Fractivists in Ithaca This Saturday (8/9/14)/More Excellent News/Howie Hawkins, Green Party Gubernatorial Candidate, Signs Our New Coalition Letter
04/08/10 Your help urgently needed
05/17/13 Yet Another Great Day Without Shale Fracking in NYS | Please Help Matt Ryan | Go Hard
01/13/12 Wow/Powerful EPA Comments/Keep slugging
01/05/16 Wonderful News About Working Well Together to Achieve Great Goals
11/16/11 Withdraw Revised Draft SGEIS Coalition Letter Receives Terrific Press Coverage/Thanks Mayor Ryan/See You Thursday in Binghamton
11/09/11 Withdraw Revised Draft SGEIS Coalition Letter Now Has More Than 2,000 Signatories/Pour it on!!!
11/15/11 Withdraw Revised Draft SGEIS Coalition Letter Has Nearly 3,000 Signatories/URGENT ALERT: Thursday DEC Hearing in Binghamton
12/02/11 Withdraw Revised Draft SGEIS Coalition Letter Has Nearly 10,000 signatories/Big Heads Up
07/11/14 Withdraw Outdated Draft SGEIS Coalition Letter Delivered/Amazing Signatories/Go, Go, Go
08/25/10 Whopping Press Coverage for Welcome Andrew Cuomo to Ithaca / Thank You
02/14/13 What DOH and DEC Did This Week/Our General Plan of Action/More to Come Shortly
08/10/18 What All of Our Hard Work Has Achieved/New York Could Soon be the First State in the Union to Halt All Fossil Fuel Production
08/10/18 WE DID IT!!!!!! /Town of Dryden Announces Suspension of Local Approvals for Dominion New Market Pipeline and Will Require a Special Use Permit Proceeding for Borger Compressor Station
07/01/11 We are underway/Martens News Conference at 11 AM in Albany/GET THERE
02/28/17 We Are Still Batting 1.000 to Kill All Proposed Fossil Fuel Infrastructure Projects, At Least for Now/Pour it on/We are Hanging by a Thread
01/08/14 Vote With Your Feet This Wednesday/Attend State of the State on January 8th in Albany/Illuminating WNBF Interview
07/08/11 vote to support the Auburn gas drilling wastewater ban
04/19/10 Video of Reported Hydrofracking Victim
04/19/13 Use a new email application to request that Governor Cuomo Conduct a Public Health Impact Study of shale gas fracking
07/01/13 URGENT: Please Take Action to Resolve Major New DOH Review Problems
06/30/12 Urgent: Letter requesting that localities pass no pro-fracking resolutions
09/24/15 Urgent Red Alert/Help prohibit all types of shale fracking in New York/LPG fracking decision could be imminent
12/01/09 Urgent Marcellus Shale Citizen Action Alert
12/23/09 Urgent Marcellus Shale Action Update
12/01/10 Urgent letter to Governor Paterson to withdraw draft SGEIS before leaving office
05/25/18 Urgent Crestwood Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Storage Action Alert/Require Governor Cuomo to DENY a Critical Gas Storage Permit In Order to Protect Seneca Lake
06/10/11 Urgent Alert: Submit Written Comments ASAP to DEC Regarding Revising the draft SGEIS
05/29/13 URGENT ALERT: Governor Cuomo in Binghamton Tomorrow (5/30/13). GET THERE!!!!
08/10/18 Urgent Alert to Require the Town of Dryden to Enforce Its Own Public Utility Approval Moratorium for Dominion New Market Expansion of the Borger Facility
09/08/14 URGENT ACTION ALERT: Tomorrow's Democratic Primary (9/9/14) Could Decide the Fate of Shale Fracking in New York/Tim Wu Signs our Withdraw the Draft SGEIS Coalition Letters
09/27/17 URGENT ACTION ALERT: Require Governor Cuomo to Eliminate Cyanobacteria Harmful Algal Blooms Which Threaten Drinking Water Sources for More Than 300,000 New Yorkers
01/08/13 URGENT ACTION ALERT: Public Participation Battle for DOH Review Gets HUGE Boost/Signatories Needed for Assemblywoman Lifton's Legislator Sign-On Letter
11/03/11 Urgent Action Alert/Sign New Coalition Letter Requesting that Governor Cuomo Withdraw the Revised Draft SGEIS
07/16/15 Urgent Action Alert/New York's Shale Fracking Prohibition Challenged by Gelled Propane Fracking Permit Applications For Tioga County
12/10/09 Updated Marcellus Shale Citizen Alert
08/20/13 Update Re: President Obama Binghamton Visit/Governor Cuomo to be a No-Show/Major Press Coverage
12/16/16 Update on Your Incredibly Powerful Personalized Fossil Fuel Infrastructure Moratorium Letters
08/14/10 Update & Action Alert: Bird-Dogging Cuomo
11/01/12 Unplugged and Abandoned Gas/Oil Wells Map Alert
02/04/12 Unbelievably Great Response to the Hydrofracturing Panel Pledge Drive
02/12/13 Unbelievably Great Day/DOH Review Strategy Works Like a Charm/Thank You All/Not Over Yet
02/15/12 Tumultuous SGEIS Week/Urgent Action Alert
05/27/15 Truly Amazing DEC Revelations/Please Keep Calling Governor Cuomo/Thanks for all of your help
11/06/15 Troubling Questions Raised by Shale Fracking Industry's Decision not to Challenge New York's High-Volume Hydraulic Fracturing Prohibition in Court
03/09/17 Town of Dryden Supervisor Writes FERC to Oppose Granting Dominion's Requested Wetland/Waterbody Protection Variances and Notice to Proceed Until the Concerns We Documented Are Resolved
03/06/17 Town of Dryden Dominion New Market Pipeline Campaign Update/Nothing Has Yet Been Resolved/We Are Moving Political Mountains But We Must Keep Pushing Hard
08/22/13 Tomorrow is the Big Day/See You in Binghamton
08/09/18 Time is of the Essence: Keep Calling and Writing to Kill Newly Requested Wetland and Waterway Protection Variances for Dominion New Market Pipeline