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Marcellus Shale Citizen Alerts

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02/24/13 Sign a New Coalition Letter to Prevent DOH's Bogus Fracking Review From Being Completed Within a "few weeks."
11/18/11 See Photos from the November 17th Binghamton Rally
03/01/11 Second gas drilling wastewater article in NYT series posted
04/13/10 Sample Email
04/29/10 Revised Emergency Action Alert / What are we, chopped liver?
12/16/15 Request That Governor Cuomo Deny All Section 401 Water Quality Certification Applications for Proposed Natural Gas, Crude Oil and Petroleum Product Infrastructure Projects Across NYS
05/14/11 Request for legislators to co-sign Lifton Letter to Governor Cuomo
11/12/14 Red Letter Day!!! Landmark Editorial in The New York Times Echoes Our DOH "Review" Concerns and Requests
04/09/15 Red Alert: Call Governor Cuomo Today to Require Public Participation Before Proposing a Final SGEIS
06/27/12 Red Alert on Shale Gas Fracking/Detailed Plan of Action Outlined
09/29/10 Recent Marcellus Shale Events and Media Coverage
07/06/11 Recent coverage of the revised draft SGEIS/activists confront Commissioner Martens in Binghamton/Auburn update
09/27/12 Really Important Development/Take Immediate Action Today to Withdraw the Revised Draft SGEIS
03/28/13 Quick-Action Guide
04/29/10 Quick Update/MSNBC/What are we, chopped liver?
08/07/13 Quick Action Guide
07/10/18 Proposed LPG Salt Cavern Storage Leakage Concerns Near Seneca Lake Reported to DEC Circa 2011!!! / DEC Inexplicably Failed to Require an LPG Salt Cavern Leakage Study to be Conducted Immediately
07/17/18 Proposed Finger Lakes/Crestwood LPG Gas Storage Facility in Reading, NY is DEAD/Governor Cuomo Fulfilled our Requests to DENY a Critical Gas Storage Permit/Fractivists Help Safeguard Seneca Lake
07/28/15 Prohibit Gelled Propane/LPG Fracking Coalition letter Gains 800+ Signatories and Important New Media Coverage/See Heartbreaking Pics/Maps of Fracking Devastation in CO, ND, CA and PA
07/24/15 Prohibit Gelled Propane Fracking Coalition letter Gains 750+ Signatories and Extensive Media Coverage/New York's Much-Ballyhooed Statewide Fracking "Ban" Has a Dangerous Loophole That We Must Close ASAP
03/09/11 Presentation Tonight in Ithaca at 6 PM/More media coverage
02/18/16 Preliminary "Gelled" Propane Fracking Decision Could be Imminent According to Recent News Report/Call Governor Cuomo Today to Request That He Keep His Word to Prohibit All Types of Shale Fracking
08/10/18 Pour It On. Take Immediate Action to Require Dryden Town Supervisor Jason Leifer to Halt Dominion New Market Pipeline
12/06/16 Pour it On to Require Governor Cuomo to Deny All Fossil Fuel Infrastructure Approvals in New York/See Amazingly Powerful Personalized Letters
09/02/14 Please Take Urgent Action: The Coming Week Could Determine the Fate of Shale Fracking in New York State/The Seven Days Until the Democratic Gubernatorial Primary Will be a "Political Eternity"
11/01/17 Please Take Urgent Action TODAY to Halt Salt Mining Under Cayuga Lake in Order to Safeguard Drinking Water for More Than 30,000 Residents
12/04/15 Please support Toxics Targeting's on-going campaign to keep New York 100% frack-free
01/06/11 Please Sign Cuomo Executive Order No. 41 Coalition Letter/Help, Help, Help.
07/06/16 Please Sign a New Coalition Letter Which Requests that Governor Cuomo Adopt an Unprecedented Statewide Moratorium on Fossil Fuel Project Approvals
03/11/15 Please sign a new coalition letter to help make sure that shale fracking is never permitted in New York
05/14/15 Please Sign a Critically Important New Coalition Letter/The Fate of Shale Fracking in NYS Will Likely Be Decided In the Next Nine Days
05/22/15 Please Keep Calling Governor Cuomo Until the Final SGEIS Findings Statement is Issued/Counting Proverbial Chickens Before They Hatch Can Be Disastrous
12/23/14 Please allow me to wish all New Yorkers the Happiest of Frack-Free Holidays/Thanks so much for your help
09/19/14 Plan of Action Until Election Day/More Amazingly Powerful Letters Sent to Andrew Cuomo/Prominent Fractivists Respectfully Write Green Groups
04/09/10 Phonebanking tips
12/13/12 Oppose extraordinarily weak proposed DOH Review plan/Urgent help needed
03/08/16 One Week Down, Three to Go Until 3/31/16 Tree-Felling Deadline/Keep Calling and Writing Governor Cuomo to DENY the Section 401 WQC Required for The Proposed Constitution Pipeline
10/21/11 NYT coverage of mortgage lending and natural gas/oil leasing/Thanks to known and unknown friends for providing key documents
03/31/16 No Tree-Felling Allowed for Proposed Constitution Pipeline Until at Least 11/1/16/One Month to Kill the Pipeline by Requiring Governor Cuomo to DENY its Requisite Section 401 Water Quality Certification
06/12/12 No Fracking Demonstration Project Coalition Letter coverage/Hold onto your hats
06/03/15 No Final SGEIS Findings Statement Issued Yet/Ten Days and Counting
05/31/15 No Final SGEIS Findings Statement Issued Yet/Eight Days and Counting
01/21/16 No Decision Yet on Constitution Pipeline Section 401 Water Quality Certification/Keep Deluging Governor Cuomo With Calls/More Press Coverage
04/19/16 New York Primary is Tomorrow/Vote, Vote, Vote/Campaign All the Way to the End
08/08/18 New Pipeline Safety Oversight Audit by State Comptroller Confirms Widespread Natural Gas Hazards Documented in Toxics Targeting's Compilation of 114 Pipeline Explosions, Fires, Ruptures and Toxic Releases
04/25/17 New Initiative to Require Governor Cuomo to Fulfill DEC's Onerous ExxonMobil Contamination Clean Up Pledge/Congrats on Your Hard-Won Praise
11/29/12 New Coalition Letter Requests That Governor Cuomo Terminate Shale Gas Rulemaking/Restart SGEIS
05/11/12 New Coalition Letter Requests Governor Cuomo to Block A Possible Fracking Demonstration Project in the Southern Tier and Fulfill Executive Order No. 41 Mandates
05/15/12 New Coalition Letter has already gained more than 1,300 signatories