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Marcellus Shale Citizen Alerts

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03/01/13 New Coalition Letter Gains 2,000+ Signatories Plus Extensive Press Coverage/Pour it on/Do or Die
11/30/12 New Coalition Letter Gains 1,400+ Signatories/Revised Shale Gas Rulemaking Proposal Posted/More Press Coverage
08/08/18 New Campaign to Require Governor Cuomo to Adopt a Statewide Moratorium on Pipelines, Power Plants, Compressor Stations is Off to a Stupendous Start
07/15/13 More than 300 Powerful, Irrefutable, Personal Communications Sent to Fracking Panel Members/General Update
06/21/11 More than 300 letters sent to Commissioner Martens Re: Expanding the Scope of DEC's Revision of draft SGEIS
06/20/11 More than 200 letters already sent to Commissioner Martens Re: Expanding the Scope of DEC's Revision of draft SGEIS
11/04/11 More than 1,000 signatories in less than one day!!!
12/02/10 More than 1,000 signatories in less than one day / POUR IT ON!!!
08/10/18 More Important Information to Require the Town of Dryden and Governor Cuomo to Revoke all Approvals for the Proposed Expansion of the Dominion New Market Borger Compressor Station
07/15/16 More Great Media Coverage/Dominion New Market Pipeline Battle/Beat the Bushes for More Coalition Letter Signatories
03/28/16 More Amazing Letters/The Fallacy of Compensatory Mitigation/Check Out a New Video/Keep Slugging
12/13/10 Moratorium Bill Vetoed/Historic Executive Order Just Issued
05/16/11 Marcellus Shale Update/Please redouble your efforts
07/20/11 Marcellus Shale Interactive Map
08/19/13 Make Environmental History in Binghamton on Friday 8/23/13 / Oppose President Obama's Shale Gas Fracking Efforts / Get Ready to Rock
12/19/15 Major New Pipeline Campaign Now Underway in NYS With Implications That are Truly Mind-Boggling and Inspiring/Extensive Media Coverage Summarized
05/18/11 Major Alert: Natural Gas Leasing Impacts on Mortgage Lending
11/15/12 Lots going on/another day with no shale gas fracking in NYS
04/11/11 Latest Update/Letter To Governor Cuomo Being Circulated Among Legislators
05/31/13 Landmark Rally in Binghamton/Thanks so much/Andrew Cuomo Re-election Bird-dogging Underway
06/23/14 Landmark Auburn, NY Gas Extraction Wastewater Dumping Ban Victory/Help Ian Urbina Beef Up His Twitter following
03/01/17 Keeping Calling and Writing the Town of Dryden Board to Make Sure That Dominion New Market Pipeline Cannot Proceed
03/27/17 Keep Writing and Calling to Require the Town of Dryden to Withdraw all Local Approvals for the Dominion New Market Pipeline Expansion of the Borger Compressor Station/Hold Governor Cuomo Accountable
03/07/13 Keep Pushing for DOH Review Public Participation/Explanation of Recent Confusing Events/Moratorium Bills Not Likely to be Enacted
01/05/16 Keep New York 100% free of shale fracking and pipeline hazards in 2016/Announcing an Astounding New Campaign That Builds on Everything We Have Achieved
08/08/18 Keep Calling Governor Cuomo to Request That He Deny the Section 401 WQC for the Proposed Constitution Pipeline/More Press Coverage/Ugly FB Debate/Where We Stand
03/14/16 Keep Calling and Writing Governor Cuomo to DENY the Section 401 WQC Required for The Proposed Constitution Pipeline to be Built/Another Week Down, Two to Go Until the 3/31/16 No Tree-Felling Deadline
03/07/11 Intense Media Coverage/Presentation in Ithaca Wednesday 3/9
07/24/13 Incredibly Great Red-Letter Day/NYS Shale Fracking Moratorium Fifth Anniversary/Steady as She Goes
08/20/14 Incredible Zephyr Teachout Meeting With Fractivists in Ithaca/Less Than Three Weeks to Go Until Democratic Primary Day
07/11/12 Impressive Beginning/More letters urgently needed to oppose local pro-fracking resolutions
10/25/13 Important New Sign-On Coalition Letter Gains Nearly 800 Signatories/Potentially Useful Chats With Giant Green Group Presidents/Beat the Bushes for More Signatories
02/01/16 Important New Development/Call Governor Cuomo TODAY to Kill the Proposed Constitution Pipeline/Stop Climate Change Hypocrisy
08/10/18 Important Day Looming/Tale of Two Cities/Live and Learn
12/10/12 Immediate Action Alert
12/20/12 Immediate Action Alert
08/05/10 I want to thank everyone who helped make yesterday's Binghamton rally a tremendous success.
08/07/18 How Far We Have Come/Keep Calling and Writing Governor Cuomo to Kill Dominion New Market and Crestwood Gas Storage/More Important News Very Shortly
01/04/12 Hope to See You Today (1/4/12) at State of the State/Very important New Iniative
12/23/09 Homestretch Marcellus Shale Citizen Action Update
02/08/13 Homestretch Action Guide
03/01/11 Holding my breath/keep slugging
08/30/12 Historic Event in Binghamton/Thanks so much
12/02/16 Help Require Governor Cuomo to Deny All Fossil Fuel Infrastructure Approvals in New York/Big Finish to our Shockingly Successful 2016 Infrastructure Campaign!!!
02/26/16 Hear, Hear/Wow, What Incredible Letters/Power to the People/Keep Calling and Writing Governor Cuomo to Kill the Proposed Constitution Pipeline
11/25/15 Happy Thanksgiving/Tom Wilber's New Series Reveals Shale Fracking Hazards That PA Still Struggles to Cope With and How Close New York Came to Getting Fracked
11/23/12 Happy Thanksgiving/Clearing up Confusion about the DOH Health Impact Analysis Review
08/10/18 Happy Fractivist Thanksgiving
05/01/12 Hallelujah: No Final Fracking Decision Yet/NYS Moratorium Holds/Urgent Help Needed
06/14/10 Gulf Oil Spill Hazards and Marcellus Shale