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Marcellus Shale Citizen Alerts

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07/30/14 Guess who joined our fight???/Latest Coalition Letter Goes Nuclear
02/27/13 Great Press Coverage for New Coalition Letter/Pour it on/No Let-up/Do or Die
10/02/14 Great Front-Page Fractivist Coverage Cranks up the Heat as Andrew Cuomo's Reelection Bid Enters Crucial Final Stage
02/28/11 Great First Day of NYT Marcellus Shale Coverage
08/20/10 Great Day in Ithaca
11/24/11 Great Day in Binghamton/Coalition Letter Has more than 4,100 signatories/Beat the Bushes for Holiday Signatories
06/14/12 Governor Cuomo's Reported Shale Gas Demo Project/76 Legislators Sign Critical Letter/The Chips Are Down
12/31/11 Governor Cuomo Updated Regarding More Than 20,900 Signatories to the Withdraw RD SGEIS Coalition Letter
02/16/16 Governor Cuomo Still Has Not Denied the Section 401 Water Quality Certification for the Proposed Constitution Pipeline/Coal Power Plants Face Natural Gas Conversion Problems/Visiting Schlumberger in Horseheads
04/27/15 Governor Cuomo reportedly does not plan to permanently ban shale fracking in NYS/Call Governor Cuomo to Require Public Participation Before Proposing a Final SGEIS
10/17/13 Governor Cuomo Reportedly Believes His Administration is Doing a "Good Job" on DOH Review/Your Eloquent Missives to the Contrary/Important New Sign-On Letter
04/25/13 Governor Cuomo Receives Avalanche of nearly 1,000 Personalized Requests for a Shale Gas Public Health Impact Study
02/01/16 Governor Cuomo flooded with Kill the Constitution Pipeline Calls/Pour it on/Phone banking tips
04/24/13 Governor Cuomo Flooded by 300+ New Email Application Requests for a Shale Gas Public Health Impact Study
04/24/13 Governor Cuomo Bombarded by 500+ New Email Application Requests for a Shale Gas Public Health Impact Study
12/27/12 Government Officials Please Sign a Coalition Letter Requiring Public Participation for the DOH Review/Assessment
12/31/12 Government Officials Coalition Letter Re: DOH Review/Assessment Sent to Governor Cuomo
08/31/11 Get Ready For Action/Revised Draft SGEIS About to be Released
06/16/11 Generic Letter to Commissioner Martens Requesting That Additional Concerns be Addressed by Revision of draft SGEIS
11/20/15 Gelled Propane Fracking Update/New York Grows Closer to Eliminating All Fossil Fuel Extraction Activities
05/25/11 Gas Leasing/Mortgage Lending Coverage
01/11/11 Fwd: Executive Order No. 41 coalition letter for your review
01/11/10 Further Developments on Marcellus Shale
03/23/11 Full Steam Ahead: Albany Rally 3/24/11 Requesting Governor Cuomo to Expand Scope of draft SGEIS per Executive Order No. 41
10/01/13 Fruits of Amazing and Unrelenting Hard Work/New York's Shale Fracking Moratorium Enters Sixth Year/Unprecedented Shale Fracking Opposition Documented in New Siena Poll
03/22/17 Front-Page Coverage for Our Dominion New Market Campaign/Take Action to Require the Town of Dryden to Avoid Borger Compressor Station Pollution Problems It Acknowledged to Governor Cuomo
12/21/12 Fracking Moratorium Still Holding/Pushing HARD for DOH Review Public Participation
12/11/12 Fracking Advisory Panel Letter/Keep Pushing/One less day to prevent fracking in NYS
08/01/16 Five Days to Kill the Dominion New Market Pipeline/Extensive Press Coverage Launches New Coordinated Campaign/Call and Write Governor Cuomo Till You Drop
08/07/18 Fire, Explosion and Illegal Toxic Wastewater Discharge Hazards Documented at LPG Storage Facility in Bath, NY/Take Action to Protect Seneca Lake from LPG Contamination Threats
08/02/12 Final Fracking Decision?/Governor Cuomo's top 1,000 Campaign Contributors Asked to Oppose Reported Southern Tier Fracking Demo Project
02/26/16 FERC TREE FELLING ALERT/New Personalized Form Letters for Your Advocacy Convenience/More TV Coverage/Contact Governor Cuomo to Kill the Section 401 WQC for the Proposed Constitution Pipeline
03/20/17 FERC Grants Dominion New Market Pipeline Wetland and Waterbody Protection Variances/We Must Now Require the Town of Dryden and Governor Cuomo to Enforce Critical Local and State Environmental Safeguards
02/16/11 Executive Order No. 41 Overview
04/20/11 Excellent week/new developments
01/14/14 Epic State of the State Rally Thronged by 2,000+ Fractivists/Thanks So Much/Keep Slugging
06/05/15 EPA Draft National Fracking Study Released/Keep Calling Governor Cuomo/We are not out of the woods yet
04/23/10 Emergency DEC email
01/12/16 Emergency Alert: Critical New Development for Proposed Constitution Pipeline/Hope to See You at State of the State on 1/13/16
12/10/12 Emergency Action Alert: NYS' fracking fate could be decided in the next 79 days
04/23/10 Emergency Action Alert -- What are we, chopped liver?
06/16/11 Draft Letter to Commissioner Martens Requesting That Additional Concerns be Addressed by Revision of draft SGEIS
06/22/10 Down the Legislative Homestretch
03/19/16 Do Not Let Governor Cuomo Silence Your Voices/Exercise Your Democratic Rights or You Might Not Have Them
08/10/18 Demand That Dryden Supervisor Jason Leifer Immediately Enforce the Town's Public Utility Approval Moratorium Regarding Dominion New Market Pipeline/Accept No Excuses/Promise to Remember in November
07/11/18 Deluge Governor Cuomo With Calls to Require Him to DENY the Gas Storage Permit Requested for the Proposed LPG Facility in Reading, NY on Seneca Lake
12/05/12 Cuomo to visit Binghamton Wednesday AM/Please Show up at the Binghamton Airport 9:00 AM/SW corner of the parking lot
10/28/14 Cuomo Says DOH "Review" Should be Done by End of 2014/Crank up the Heat/Contributors Letter/Assemblywoman Deborah Glick Fracking Town Hall Meeting
06/04/14 Cuomo Reelection Campaign Kicks Into High Gear/Sprint to the Finish