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Marcellus Shale Citizen Alerts

Post date Alert Title
12/06/16 Thank You for Supporting Toxics Targeting's Miraculously Successful Campaign to Keep New York 100% Free of Shale Fracking and New Fossil Fuel Infrastructure Projects
12/06/16 Pour it On to Require Governor Cuomo to Deny All Fossil Fuel Infrastructure Approvals in New York/See Amazingly Powerful Personalized Letters
12/02/16 Help Require Governor Cuomo to Deny All Fossil Fuel Infrastructure Approvals in New York/Big Finish to our Shockingly Successful 2016 Infrastructure Campaign!!!
08/01/16 Five Days to Kill the Dominion New Market Pipeline/Extensive Press Coverage Launches New Coordinated Campaign/Call and Write Governor Cuomo Till You Drop
07/29/16 Take Urgent Action to Require Governor Cuomo to DENY Section 401 Water Quality Certifications Required for the Dominion New Market Pipeline and Other Fossil Fuel Projects Across New York
07/15/16 More Great Media Coverage/Dominion New Market Pipeline Battle/Beat the Bushes for More Coalition Letter Signatories
07/06/16 Please Sign a New Coalition Letter Which Requests that Governor Cuomo Adopt an Unprecedented Statewide Moratorium on Fossil Fuel Project Approvals
06/07/16 Colorado Got Fracked While New York Did Not
04/28/16 Constitution Pipeline Victory News Coverage/battle continues as pipeline investors promise "all available options" challenge to overturn landmark Section 401 denial decision
04/22/16 Cuomo Administration Fulfills Our Requests to Deny the Section 401 Water Quality Certification for Proposed Constitution Pipeline/Great Work/Wow/Thanks so Much
04/19/16 New York Primary is Tomorrow/Vote, Vote, Vote/Campaign All the Way to the End
03/31/16 No Tree-Felling Allowed for Proposed Constitution Pipeline Until at Least 11/1/16/One Month to Kill the Pipeline by Requiring Governor Cuomo to DENY its Requisite Section 401 Water Quality Certification
03/28/16 More Amazing Letters/The Fallacy of Compensatory Mitigation/Check Out a New Video/Keep Slugging
03/22/16 Ten Days Until Tree-Felling Deadline for Proposed Constitution Pipeline/40 Days and Nights to Require Governor Cuomo to Deny the Section 401 Water Quality Certification Required for the Constitution Pipeline
03/19/16 Do Not Let Governor Cuomo Silence Your Voices/Exercise Your Democratic Rights or You Might Not Have Them
03/14/16 Keep Calling and Writing Governor Cuomo to DENY the Section 401 WQC Required for The Proposed Constitution Pipeline to be Built/Another Week Down, Two to Go Until the 3/31/16 No Tree-Felling Deadline
03/08/16 One Week Down, Three to Go Until 3/31/16 Tree-Felling Deadline/Keep Calling and Writing Governor Cuomo to DENY the Section 401 WQC Required for The Proposed Constitution Pipeline
03/02/16 The Next 30 Days Could be Critical in Deciding the Fate of the Proposed Constitution Pipeline/Take Relentless Action to Require Governor Cuomo to DENY the Section 401 WQC for That Proposed Project
02/26/16 Hear, Hear/Wow, What Incredible Letters/Power to the People/Keep Calling and Writing Governor Cuomo to Kill the Proposed Constitution Pipeline
02/26/16 FERC TREE FELLING ALERT/New Personalized Form Letters for Your Advocacy Convenience/More TV Coverage/Contact Governor Cuomo to Kill the Section 401 WQC for the Proposed Constitution Pipeline
02/18/16 Preliminary "Gelled" Propane Fracking Decision Could be Imminent According to Recent News Report/Call Governor Cuomo Today to Request That He Keep His Word to Prohibit All Types of Shale Fracking
02/16/16 Governor Cuomo Still Has Not Denied the Section 401 Water Quality Certification for the Proposed Constitution Pipeline/Coal Power Plants Face Natural Gas Conversion Problems/Visiting Schlumberger in Horseheads
02/11/16 Special Alert: Governor Cuomo Will Be in Dunkirk, NY at 10:30 AM This Morning/Oppose Converting Coal-Fired Power Plants to Natural Gas/Request that the Governor End New York's Addiction to Fossil Fuels
02/09/16 Check out the Huge Banner Headline for an Article That Reports our Pipeline Research and Successful Organizing Efforts/Keep Calling Governor Cuomo/Tree Clearing Already Underway in PA
02/01/16 Important New Development/Call Governor Cuomo TODAY to Kill the Proposed Constitution Pipeline/Stop Climate Change Hypocrisy
02/01/16 Governor Cuomo flooded with Kill the Constitution Pipeline Calls/Pour it on/Phone banking tips
01/21/16 No Decision Yet on Constitution Pipeline Section 401 Water Quality Certification/Keep Deluging Governor Cuomo With Calls/More Press Coverage
01/12/16 Emergency Alert: Critical New Development for Proposed Constitution Pipeline/Hope to See You at State of the State on 1/13/16
01/08/16 Come to State of the State on 1/13/16 to Tell Governor Cuomo to DENY Gelled Propane permits for Barton, NY and all Section 401 Certification Applications for Gas Pipelines and Infrastructure Projects
01/05/16 Keep New York 100% free of shale fracking and pipeline hazards in 2016/Announcing an Astounding New Campaign That Builds on Everything We Have Achieved
01/05/16 Wonderful News About Working Well Together to Achieve Great Goals
12/19/15 Major New Pipeline Campaign Now Underway in NYS With Implications That are Truly Mind-Boggling and Inspiring/Extensive Media Coverage Summarized
12/16/15 Request That Governor Cuomo Deny All Section 401 Water Quality Certification Applications for Proposed Natural Gas, Crude Oil and Petroleum Product Infrastructure Projects Across NYS
12/04/15 Please support Toxics Targeting's on-going campaign to keep New York 100% frack-free
11/25/15 Happy Thanksgiving/Tom Wilber's New Series Reveals Shale Fracking Hazards That PA Still Struggles to Cope With and How Close New York Came to Getting Fracked
11/20/15 Gelled Propane Fracking Update/New York Grows Closer to Eliminating All Fossil Fuel Extraction Activities
11/12/15 Thank you for Six Amazing Years of Protecting New York From Shale Fracking While Fracked Gas/Oil Production SKYROCKETED Nationwide
11/06/15 Troubling Questions Raised by Shale Fracking Industry's Decision not to Challenge New York's High-Volume Hydraulic Fracturing Prohibition in Court
10/22/15 Additional National News Coverage Documents Loopholes in New York's High-Volume Hydraulic Fracturing Prohibition/Critical Deadline for Legal Action Looming
10/02/15 Take urgent action to prohibit all types of shale fracking in New York/Marcellus Shale fracking with "gelled propane" could be permitted any day!!!!
09/24/15 Urgent Red Alert/Help prohibit all types of shale fracking in New York/LPG fracking decision could be imminent
07/28/15 Prohibit Gelled Propane/LPG Fracking Coalition letter Gains 800+ Signatories and Important New Media Coverage/See Heartbreaking Pics/Maps of Fracking Devastation in CO, ND, CA and PA
07/24/15 Prohibit Gelled Propane Fracking Coalition letter Gains 750+ Signatories and Extensive Media Coverage/New York's Much-Ballyhooed Statewide Fracking "Ban" Has a Dangerous Loophole That We Must Close ASAP
07/16/15 Urgent Action Alert/New York's Shale Fracking Prohibition Challenged by Gelled Propane Fracking Permit Applications For Tioga County
07/07/15 Thank you for all of your lovely comments/This amazing victory belongs to everyone who helped make our campaign such an astounding success
06/30/15 Congratulations on winning the biggest environmental victory in a generation
06/25/15 Still No Final SGEIS Findings Statement Issued as Legislative Session Drags On and Many Deals Are Being Struck
06/19/15 Still No Shale Fracking Prohibition in New York State SIX MONTHS after Cuomo Administration Promise
06/05/15 EPA Draft National Fracking Study Released/Keep Calling Governor Cuomo/We are not out of the woods yet