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Marcellus Shale Citizen Alerts

Post date Alert Title
05/17/13 Yet Another Great Day Without Shale Fracking in NYS | Please Help Matt Ryan | Go Hard
05/07/13 Thank you all so much/More Great News Coverage for Public Health Impact Study Letters/Home Rule Decision Likely Very Bad for Southern Tier Residents
04/25/13 Governor Cuomo Receives Avalanche of nearly 1,000 Personalized Requests for a Shale Gas Public Health Impact Study
04/24/13 Governor Cuomo Bombarded by 500+ New Email Application Requests for a Shale Gas Public Health Impact Study
04/24/13 Governor Cuomo Flooded by 300+ New Email Application Requests for a Shale Gas Public Health Impact Study
04/19/13 Use a new email application to request that Governor Cuomo Conduct a Public Health Impact Study of shale gas fracking
03/28/13 Take Immediate Action to Require Governor Cuomo to Undertake a Shale Gas Public Health Impact STUDY
03/28/13 Quick-Action Guide
03/07/13 Keep Pushing for DOH Review Public Participation/Explanation of Recent Confusing Events/Moratorium Bills Not Likely to be Enacted
03/07/13 Take Urgent Action Today
03/01/13 New Coalition Letter Gains 2,000+ Signatories Plus Extensive Press Coverage/Pour it on/Do or Die
02/27/13 Great Press Coverage for New Coalition Letter/Pour it on/No Let-up/Do or Die
02/24/13 Sign a New Coalition Letter to Prevent DOH's Bogus Fracking Review From Being Completed Within a "few weeks."
02/14/13 What DOH and DEC Did This Week/Our General Plan of Action/More to Come Shortly
02/12/13 Unbelievably Great Day/DOH Review Strategy Works Like a Charm/Thank You All/Not Over Yet
02/08/13 The coming days are critical/It is Do or Die/Big Finish!!!
02/08/13 Homestretch Action Guide
01/15/13 Signatories Needed ASAP for Assemblywoman Lifton's Legislator Sign-On Letter/Potential Last Ditch Fracking Defense
01/10/13 Stupendous State of the State Rally/Signatories Immediately Needed for Assemblywoman Lifton's Legislator Sign-On Letter
01/08/13 URGENT ACTION ALERT: Public Participation Battle for DOH Review Gets HUGE Boost/Signatories Needed for Assemblywoman Lifton's Legislator Sign-On Letter
01/06/13 104 Mayors, Town Supervisors, County Legislators and Town/City Council Reps Sign Coalition Letter Requiring Public Participation for the DOH Review
01/04/13 77 Government Officials Sign Coalition Letter Requiring Public Participation for the DOH Review/Assessment/Secret Health Impact Document Leaked
12/31/12 Government Officials Coalition Letter Re: DOH Review/Assessment Sent to Governor Cuomo
12/27/12 Government Officials Please Sign a Coalition Letter Requiring Public Participation for the DOH Review/Assessment
12/21/12 Fracking Moratorium Still Holding/Pushing HARD for DOH Review Public Participation
12/20/12 Immediate Action Alert
12/13/12 Oppose extraordinarily weak proposed DOH Review plan/Urgent help needed
12/11/12 Fracking Advisory Panel Letter/Keep Pushing/One less day to prevent fracking in NYS
12/10/12 Emergency Action Alert: NYS' fracking fate could be decided in the next 79 days
12/10/12 Immediate Action Alert
12/05/12 Cuomo to visit Binghamton Wednesday AM/Please Show up at the Binghamton Airport 9:00 AM/SW corner of the parking lot
11/30/12 New Coalition Letter Gains 1,400+ Signatories/Revised Shale Gas Rulemaking Proposal Posted/More Press Coverage
11/29/12 New Coalition Letter Requests That Governor Cuomo Terminate Shale Gas Rulemaking/Restart SGEIS
11/23/12 Happy Thanksgiving/Clearing up Confusion about the DOH Health Impact Analysis Review
11/15/12 Lots going on/another day with no shale gas fracking in NYS
11/06/12 Be sure to VOTE TODAY/Unplugged and Abandoned Well Safety Concerns
11/01/12 Unplugged and Abandoned Gas/Oil Wells Map Alert
09/27/12 Really Important Development/Take Immediate Action Today to Withdraw the Revised Draft SGEIS
08/31/12 Bad fracking deals looming?/Critical period at-hand
08/30/12 Historic Event in Binghamton/Thanks so much
08/02/12 Final Fracking Decision?/Governor Cuomo's top 1,000 Campaign Contributors Asked to Oppose Reported Southern Tier Fracking Demo Project
07/18/12 Adoption of local pro-fracking resolutions opposed in all five Fracking Demo Project counties and total of 33 municipalities
07/11/12 Impressive Beginning/More letters urgently needed to oppose local pro-fracking resolutions
07/01/12 Thanks/More info regarding opposing local pro-fracking resolutions
06/30/12 Urgent: Letter requesting that localities pass no pro-fracking resolutions
06/27/12 Red Alert on Shale Gas Fracking/Detailed Plan of Action Outlined
06/14/12 Governor Cuomo's Reported Shale Gas Demo Project/76 Legislators Sign Critical Letter/The Chips Are Down
06/12/12 No Fracking Demonstration Project Coalition Letter coverage/Hold onto your hats
05/15/12 New Coalition Letter has already gained more than 1,300 signatories