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Marcellus Shale Citizen Alerts

Post date Alert Title
03/01/11 Second gas drilling wastewater article in NYT series posted
03/01/11 Holding my breath/keep slugging
02/28/11 Great First Day of NYT Marcellus Shale Coverage
02/26/11 The New York Times Covers Marcellus Shale Gas Drilling Wastewater/Hold Onto Your Hats
02/25/11 Thank You - Thank You - Thank You
02/23/11 All Hands On Deck!!! Andrew Cuomo to Visit Binghamton Thursday 2/24. Urgent Call for Action
02/16/11 Executive Order No. 41 Overview
01/11/11 Fwd: Executive Order No. 41 coalition letter for your review
01/06/11 Please Sign Cuomo Executive Order No. 41 Coalition Letter/Help, Help, Help.
12/14/10 Stunning Developments/Cuomo is Our Next Target
12/13/10 Moratorium Bill Vetoed/Historic Executive Order Just Issued
12/10/10 Thanks for your help/Coalition letter Requesting Governor Paterson to Withdraw draft SGEIS Before He Leaves Office
12/02/10 More than 1,000 signatories in less than one day / POUR IT ON!!!
12/01/10 Urgent letter to Governor Paterson to withdraw draft SGEIS before leaving office
09/29/10 Recent Marcellus Shale Events and Media Coverage
09/24/10 Thank You/Withdraw draft SGEIS Coalition Letter Reaches Goal of 10,000 Signatories/Cuomo's "Sacrosanct" Waters Map released/Ridgewood, NY presentation
09/15/10 Thank You/Binghamton Rally/Hearing a Huge Success
09/08/10 Binghamton Rally - September 13th, 2010, 10:00am
08/25/10 Whopping Press Coverage for Welcome Andrew Cuomo to Ithaca / Thank You
08/20/10 Great Day in Ithaca
08/14/10 Update & Action Alert: Bird-Dogging Cuomo
08/05/10 I want to thank everyone who helped make yesterday's Binghamton rally a tremendous success.
06/22/10 Down the Legislative Homestretch
06/14/10 Gulf Oil Spill Hazards and Marcellus Shale
04/29/10 Quick Update/MSNBC/What are we, chopped liver?
04/29/10 Revised Emergency Action Alert / What are we, chopped liver?
04/23/10 Emergency Action Alert -- What are we, chopped liver?
04/23/10 Emergency DEC email
04/22/10 Blessedly short note
04/19/10 Video of Reported Hydrofracking Victim
04/13/10 Sample Email
04/09/10 Phonebanking tips
04/08/10 Your help urgently needed
01/11/10 Further Developments on Marcellus Shale
12/23/09 Homestretch Marcellus Shale Citizen Action Update
12/23/09 Urgent Marcellus Shale Action Update
12/10/09 Updated Marcellus Shale Citizen Alert
12/01/09 Contact Governor Paterson: Withdraw the dSGEIS!
12/01/09 Urgent Marcellus Shale Citizen Action Alert