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Square One For NG Advantage: Company Resubmitting All Permits For Fenton Site

Vermont-based NG Advantage must re-apply for all permits and applications as it looks for approval to build a fueling station for trucks transporting compressed natural gas.

8/1/17 Statement from Senator Fred Akshar on the NG Advantage Compressor Station Project in Hillcrest

I've said from the beginning that I'm pro-economic development, pro-business and I've supported Natural Gas development in New York State from the start.

In everything I do as State Senator, I try to take a bottom-up approach. I've spent hours meeting with stakeholders and listening to all sides of the Town of Fenton compressor station issue, from community residents to local government officials to school district representatives to representatives of NG Advantage.

Opponents of Town of Fenton natural gas compressor ramp up efforts

PORT DICKINSON, N.Y. - Opponents of the Fenton natural gas compressor and trucking terminal are ramping up their efforts to stop the project.


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