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New information shows what toxins are under Elmira High School and how much

Elmira High School health concerns: "A heavy area of pollution"

ELMIRA, N.Y. (18 News) - Most people from Elmira know that the Elmira High School lays on top of what used to be a manufacturing company. However, questions linger about what that could mean for the health of students.

Algae blooms threaten NY waterways

ALBANY, N.Y. (18 NEWS) - According to data released by an environmental group on Wednesday, the drinking water for hundreds of thousands in upstate New York could be threatened by the growth of Harmful Algal Blooms.

Opposition to Gas Storage & Related Activities Continues


An Ithaca-based environmental data collection agency known as 'Toxics Targeting' released data it says is compiled from New York State DEC data outlining chemical spills in Seneca Lake. The data released by company president Walter Hang on Monday goes back to nearly 40 years ago.

Concerns Over Plans For Pipeline Expansions


The natural gas industry has caused controversy in our area for a number of years, but with recent plans for pipeline expansions and increased initiatives by those opposing them, the debate could soon reach new heights.

Activists Want Pending N.Y. Natural Gas & Oil Infrastructure Projects Stopped

Report released on spills, fires and other incidents in N.Y.


A year after New York's fracking ban was announced, fracking opponents are launching a new campaign.

They want to stop projects that might transport, by pipeline, fracked natural gas or oil.

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