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Environmental Group Believes Natural Gas Spill Could Have Been Prevented

BINGHAMTON - Some are calling it a preventable tragedy.

On Monday, a tractor trailer carrying compressed natural gas flipped over on Interstate 88. Walter Hang, the president of Toxics Targeting wants Governor Cuomo to ban any trucks, or facilities in our state all together.

Environmentalists Raise Concerns About Gel-Fracking

Environmentalists in Binghamton are raising concerns about the possibility of gel-fracking in New York State.

Tompkins County Public Library Prepares for Demolition

The city of Ithaca and a local developer are being pushed to protect the community from potential asbestos exposure.

Environmental activist on Phish festival cancellation

One environmental advocate claims the canceled Phish festival could have been avoided.

Elmira High School shows contamination according to survey

Environmental advocates claim a survey of Elmira High School showing contaminants has been hidden for nearly three decades.

Citizens given public data of toxics at Elmira High School

One environmental activist is calling on officials to protect a local high school now.

DEC investigates contaminants at Ithaca Superfund Site

Information about the contamination at an Ithaca brownfield is raising eyebrows in Tompkins County. The site is surrounded by dozens of homes.

Officials To DEC: Stop Cargill Mining Under Cayuga Lake

Leaders in Tompkins County are looking to preserve one of the area's best resources.


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