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Dear Walter,

Thanks, belatedly and hugely, for taking the extra time to guide me through an alphabet soup of MTBE & BTEX, and lessons in chemistry, physics, groundwater flow, soil composition and all the rest. Your input and coaching was invaluable in helping my wife & I make an intelligent (we hope) and informed decision about one of the biggest moves of our lives. We’re big fans of Toxics Targeting.

Thanks again and best,

Jeff G.

My son and daughter-in-law are trying to buy a house in Massapequa on Long Island. I was so happy when someone forwarded me an email about you with the web address because they are trying to decide what to do about an inground oil tank at the house they have fallen in love with.

My entire family and my daughter-in-law's entire family also live in Massapequa. Both families were delighted to think they would buy so close to where we raised them, however, we want to be absolutely sure that their investment is a good one.

Anyway, when I put their address in your search engine a blue star inside a red star comes up at what appears to be the address of the house they are buying. (Fortunately they have not signed a contract at this point.) From what I read on your site that means that an oil tank failed and could be leaking if not at their address very close by.

My question to you is is there a way to know the exact address of this tank failure? Also, if it is next door wouldn't that pose the same problem for them anyway if oil has leaked into the soil? I know there are reports they can purchase but if they don't take the house, and they probably won't, they are already out the cost of lawyers, an engineers report and a termite inspection. Thanks for keeping us all informed and for possibly saving our children from what could be a very expensive mistake.

Karen ____