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Coalition Letter To Governor Cuomo Requests Termination of DEC Shale Gas Rulemaking Proposal as well as a Restart of SGEIS Proceeding

November 28, 2012

Honorable Andrew M. Cuomo
Governor of New York
The State Capitol
Albany, NY 12224

Dear Governor Cuomo:

We, the undersigned, write to request that you require your Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) to: a) terminate its shale gas rulemaking effort by not submitting any request for a 90-day extension and b) restart its Supplemental Generic Environmental Impact Statement (SGEIS) proceeding to allow public participation in formulating your Department of Health’s (DOH) proposed “health impact analysis” review.

DOH’s review is critically important because DEC has said that no Final SGEIS will be adopted until the review is completed. It is essential that DOH’s review be comprehensive, open, transparent and involve full public participation.

Public Comment for DOH Review Essential

To date, your administration has not published a single word about the proposed DOH review. As a result, the public has no idea about the scope of the review or how it would be conducted.

We believe the best way to address this unacceptable shortcoming is to reopen the SGEIS proceeding to allow public comment about how DEC and DOH should undertake the review. After both agencies have reviewed those comments, a final review proposal can be adopted.

Terminate Shale Gas Rulemaking Proceeding

You stated publicly that DEC's proposed rulemaking proceeding will not meet its 11/29/12 deadline. It has been reported that a revised rulemaking proposal is about to be initiated by DEC as part of a 90-day extension of that proceeding.

It would be entirely inappropriate to continue DEC's shale gas rulemaking proposal while the DOH health impact analysis review is incomplete. To do so would call into question the integrity of DOH’s review as well as DEC’s rulemaking proceeding.

Good Science Imperative to DOH Review

It is imperative for all the physicians, scientists, academic researchers, elected officials, citizens and other interested parties who have expressed grave concerns about the SGEIS's inadequate health impact analysis to be allowed to comment publicly on how the DOH review must be conducted in order to be based on “good science.”

DOH Review Must Investigate Documented Gas Extraction Problems

DOH’s review of the SGEIS’ “health impact analysis” will help determine whether shale gas fracking will be permitted in New York. Given the importance of that decision, we believe the review must investigate drinking water contamination, gas drilling wastewater dumping, unplugged gas wells and other public health hazards documented by DEC's own records as well as by local health departments in the areas of New York where gas drilling has been prevalent.


In conclusion, we believe that New York’s existing shale gas fracking moratorium must be maintained until all public health and environmental concerns associated with the proposed practice have been fully resolved.

In order to achieve that goal, we request that you require DEC to terminate its shale gas rulemaking effort and restart the SGEIS proceeding to allow public participation in formulating the proposed “health impact analysis” review.

We trust that you will find our request self-explanatory, but please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our concerns.

Thank you for your consideration.

We look forward to receiving your timely reply.

Very truly yours,

Total Signatory Count: 2972

Suzanne Potter/Ironbiter
27 Dogwood Court
Goldens Brige, NY
Jane Higgins
P.O. Box 12
Gilbertsville, NY
Sera Smolen
210 North Corn
Ithaca, NY
Stacie Haynes
111 Draper Hill Road
Worcester, New York
Thomas Pineo
Clinical SAS Programmer
78 Scott Ave
Elmira, New /york
Leigh C. Eckmair
Historian, Village of Gilbertsville & Town of Bujtternuts, NY
2 Green St - PO Box 293
Gilbertsville, NY
alejandra pickett
541 sacandaga re
scotia, nhy
mark calicchia
po box 216 ; 8629 river road
mount morris, new york
Barbara Heywood
2804 Ellis Creek Rd
Barton, New York
Sonja Shelton
305 Imperial Circle
Rochester, New York
Paulette Weiss
785 West End Ave.
New York, NY
Helen Dan
24-25 Parsons Blvd
Whitestone, NY
Gail Evans
14 Spring Street
Tarrytown, New York
Nancy Howe Ms. Education
93 Montaine Pk.
Rochester, N.Y.
joseph kotula
po box 100
westclarksville, New York
Jocelyn Sawyer
435 N. Aurora St.
Ithaca, NY
Judith Schneider
131 WEst 24th Street
New York, New York
Randy Burgess
27 Bethune St., FL 3
New York, NY
Christa Bissell
137 Pine Tree Rd
Ithaca, New York
David Bartlem
625 Herr Road
Andes, NY
Richard Pfau PhD
597 Highway Route 20
Sharon Springs, NY
Treva Levine
8 Hunters Lane
Ithaca, NY
Gloria Lucia Albasi
1191 Neill Avenue
Bronx, New York
Thomas Toscano
Artistic Director/Founder
Brooklyn, NY
Elizabeth DeWitt
149-15 33rd avenue
Flushing, New York
Heather Healey PhD, PE
102 W State St
Ithaca, NY
Catherine Collautt PhD
President and Owner
127 West 26th St. Apt 11NE
New York, New York
Julia Tsi MA, CHHC
Massa Lane
Edge Water, NJ
Pat Halpen
3071 Shay Road
Naples, NY
Alan Ominsky
Village Trustee, Aurora, NY
351 Main Street PO Box 26
Aurora, New York
p capello Ms
231 14 st
bklyn, ny
Erin Collins
1133 county road 36
norwich, ny
April Leggett
116 Afton Lake Rd
Afton, NY
Kendal Craig
2095 State Hwy 206
Masonville, NY
Diane Newell
29 Library Avenue
Warrensburg, NY
Amy Brown
10 Runge Rd
Shokan, NY
Debra Pratt
274 Johnston Circle
Sidney, ny
Helen Bielicki
8782 Ridge Rd
Gasport, NY
Clarissa Farrell
3066 N. Swamp Rd
Alpine, NY
Christine Griffin
743 COBB ST.
Tracy Ramage
PO Box 99
Masonville, New York
marc sergenian
9 walnut place
thornwood, ny
James Hickey
203 W 94th St #2C
New York, NY
ben abrams
268 monroe street
brooklyn, ny
Gary Koutnik
County Representative, District 11
150 Center St.
Oneonta, NY
Michael Falco
415 Bushwick Ave.
Brooklyn, NY
Margaret de Cruz DC
400A Prospect Ave
Brooklyn, NY
Donald Moran
3 Tudor Drive
Endicott, NY
Joan Ross
36 Madison Avenue East
New Baltimore, NY
Bridget Traver
163 Brown Rd.
Kirkwood, NY
Deena Rambaum
161 Gray Rd
Ithaca, NY
Steve Capizzi
Far Rider Farm 387 Oak Hill rd
Afton, NY
Thomas Morrissey
4153 NV Maine Rd
Newark Valley, ny
Stephanie Pettit
538 Third Avenue
Troy, New York
paul tick
berwick rd.
delmar , NY
claudia mcnulty
1614 rt 26
climax, ny
Brendan Taylor
97 Waters Rd.
East Greenbush, NY
Deborrah Gray
R.D. #2
Greenwich, NY
james Davidson
11282 O'Brien Road
Remsen, NYc
Barbara Martin
246 Park Hill Rd
Erin, NY
Mary Hrenda
Associate member
9212 31st Street Ct. E
Parrish, FL
Gregory Subtelny DDS
9211 Hatch Rd.
Trumansburg, NYt
Tammy Kreznar
11 Belmont Square
Somerville, MA
Tarik Abdelazim
Director of Planning, Housing and Community Development
17 Tremont Avenue
Binghamton, NY
Kathleen Dickerson
32 Oak Street
Johnson City, New York
nick albaugh
3010 Launt Hollow Road
Hamden, NEW YORK
Margaret Fry Keating
3970 County Rd. 2
Hector, NY 14841
Liz McGarrity
266 East Broadway, Apt. B801
New York, NY
Bruce Kernan
211 County Highway 40
Worcester, New York
Steve Lloyd
3279 hayden rd
Marietta, Ny
Susan Annette walker
56 chambers
dundee, New York
Peter Favant
552 Riverside Dr.
New York, NY
Christine Mcnaughton
pob 1106
cooperstown, NY
Teresa Michel
P.O.Box 225
Aurora, NY
Chris McHugh
335 Moriches Rd
St. James, NY
Gail Zussman LCSWR
41 Bradley Street
Trumansburg, New York
Father Luke Murianka Rev
Po box 36
Jordanville, Ny
Catherine Farber RN
5964 Brake Hill Road
Homer, NY
Maren Herman
85 Starks Road
Newfield, NY
Jason Starr
505 Pomeroy Rd
Franklin, NY
elizabeth Murphy
1257 state hwy 166
Cooperstown, NY
14 River Lane
Croton-on-Hudson, NY
David Morris
114 Smith Hughes Road
Narrowsburg, NY
Bridget Meeds M.A.
211 Cascadilla Street
Ithaca, NY
Scott Smith
310 VanKirk Rd.
Newfield, NY
Linda Poppleton
310 VanKirk Road
Newfield, NY
Kathleen DeZarn
2522 Buttermilk Pike
Villa Hills, KY
Stewart Traver
163 Brown Road
Kirkwood, NY
Elizabeth Mellen M.L.S. M.Div.
St. Mary's Episcopal Church (Manhattanville) NYC
90 LaSalle St. 10F
New York, New York
Elizabeth Alpert
21 Cobb Terr
rochester, ny
Elizabeth Nowak
713 Sequoia Lane
Vestal, NY
catherine klught
79 glenwood
binghamton, NY
Jeffrey Tautrim
151 Chokeberry drive
Milford, Pa
Renee Sersen
320 Orchard Street
Vestal, New York
Joan M Buriello
130 Boy Scout Rd
Maryland, NY
Vizma Leimanis
2831 LaFayette Road
LaFayette, NY
Yvonne Wuellner
57 Club Rd #201
Plattsburgh, NY
Larry McGovern Esq.
21 North Drive
Dobbs Ferry, NY
Amy Guglielmo
141 Wodd Cliff Drive
Plattsburgh, NY
Hilde Tingey
639 Jones Road
Vestal, NY
John Wright Stevens
254 Pine Island Turnpike
Warwick, NY
Carl Letson Jr
3370 Carman Road
Binghamton, New York
Ron Riddle
235 Harvey Hill Rd
Ithaca, NY
Renée Daily
770 Jones Rd.
Vestal, ny
Shelagh Johnston
3 Cornell Walk
Ithaca, NY