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Selected Documents Obtained Through Freedom of Information Regarding Gelled Propane Shale Fracking Proposed in Tioga County

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The following documents reveal that the Department of Environmental Conservation was fully aware of efforts to frack Marcellus Shale in Tioga County using "gelled propane" before adopting a very limited definition of high-volume hydraulic fracturing in the Findings Statement issued on June 29, 2015.

That limited definition fails to prohibit propane fracking as well as other non-water fracking methods that were specifically rejected by the Findings Statement because, "they all fail to limit unavoidable adverse environmental impacts and fail to address the risks and uncertainties of high-volume hydraulic fracturing."

The following coalition letter requests that DEC issue a Supplemental Findings Statement to expand its definition of high-volume hydraulic fracturing to prohibit all forms of shale fracking in New York State:

All of the documents obtained through Freedom of Information are presented here.