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Activist Takes Aim at Gel Propane Fracking

An anti-fracking activist says he will continue to pressure Governor Cuomo to explicitly ban another form of the drilling practice.

Hundreds Rally For Constitution Pipeline

The battle over the Constitution Pipeline continues. This afternoon hundreds rallied in favor of the project in downtown Binghamton.

Both Sides of Constitution Pipeline Debate Seek Action Before Deadline

Proponents of the Constitution Pipeline are calling on New York State to give it's final approval to the project before it's too late.

Should Cuomo Halt Constitution Pipeline?

On the heels of a state Comptroller report that says New York has fallen short in it's oversight of pipelines, one person is asking Governor Cuomo halt the Constitution Pipeline project.

Will The Constitution Pipeline Help or Harm The Community?

At least 100 people in support of the Constitution pipeline held a rally Saturday in efforts to advance the project.

Battle over Pipelines as State Certification Looms

One of the main opponents of fracking is now setting his sights on proposed pipeline projects in New York.

Is Fracking Really Banned In New York?

Is fracking really banned in New York state? One anti-fracking activist says no.

Anti-Fracking Activists Call For Ban on Alternative Methods of Fracking

Two months after the Snyder Farm Group in Barton announced it is applying for a permit from the state to frack using an alternative method with gelled propane instead of water, an anti-fracking activist is calling on the governor to put a halt to that plan.

Did EPA Fracking Study Hit the Mark?

A new EPA study on fracking has those on both sides of the debate digesting the findings.

Anti-Fracking Activists Celebrate Victory

Anti-fracking activists took a victory lap Thursday, celebrating the Cuomo administration's decision to ban fracking in New York.


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