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Ryan Calls on Cuomo to Not Test Fracking in NYS

A group that includes Binghamton Mayor Matt Ryan is sending a letter to Governor Cuomo calling for him to oppose any fracking test- demonstration project in New York State.

Walter Hang, President of Toxics Targeting said 2,300 people signed the letter. According to Hang, the letter is critical of a plan to use a parcel of land to test drill, even before the state might decide to lift the morotorium on fracking.

"These letters are very, very powerful. They're very detailed and they have incredible support from elected officials, scientists, civic and environmental organizations," said Hang.

Propane Fracking in Tioga County

Landowners in Tioga County say they will start applying to the DEC for permits to start fracking for natural gas, but the process is called propane fracking.

This uses liquefied petroleum gas, not a water and chemical solution, to break up rock and release gas underneath.

It's not hydrofracking which is currently banned but under review in New York State.

DEC Fracking Permits Comment Draws Wide Response

State DEC commissioner Joe Martens' comments that some fracking permits could "conceivably" be issued before the end of 2012 have unleashed a flood of reaction from all sides of the fracking debate.

Pro-frackers say it's further proof New York is ready to drill.

Others don't see how the DEC could get through the 45,000 comments it just received on it's latest environmental impact statement, or SGEIS, by the end of the year.

Anti-Fracking Protest on BOCES

Anti-fracking advocates were hoping that getting up early would help them catch the attention of two elected officials.

Concerned citizens about hydrofracking gathered Friday morning outside Glenwood BOCES to request that Assembly Woman Donna Lupardo and Senator Tom Libous sign a pledge for the DEC not to lift its current defacto moratorium on hydrofracking until all 17 of their concerns have been met.

EPA Weighs in on New York Fracking Plan

"For some of the regulatory programs like if you were dumping gas drilling wastewater into a local municipal treatment plant, EPA is the principal authority," said Walter Hang, President of Toxics Targeting.

And Hang says the EPA has submitted almost twice as many comments as it did for the first SGEIS draft in 2009.

"The main concerns were failure to come up with a way to deal with this incredibly toxic wastewater, failure to protect drinking water, failure to protect radiologic hazards for both the worker and environment."

EPA to Release Comments on Fracking

Wednesday marked the deadline for public comment on the state's environmental impact statement about fracking.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is readying comments for the state.

The EPA expects to release those comments before midnight Wednesday.

The agency delivered comments on a previous draft of the impact statement back in 2009.

Fracking opponents hope the EPA echoes their concerns.

Fracking Battle Set For Binghamton

As the DEC gets set to hold public fracking hearings in Binghamton Thursday, it's task is not easy:

"Regulate what is by all accounts an intrusive industry but an industry that could have some real economic benefits," said Coughlin & Gerhart attorney Robert McKertich.

At the center of the hearings will be the DEC's latest Economic Impact Study, or S-GEIS. Those in favor of fracking say it's time to finalize the S-GEIS and move on.

Dozens Come Out To Protest Gas Drilling In Broome County


Dozens of gas drilling demonstrators gathered outside the Broome County Legislature to get their voice heard.

The group gathered to oppose the Inflection Energy proposal to lease mineral rights on Broome County public property.

The group believes there was not enough analysis of the Marcellus Shale, and that could be dangerous.

Public Hearing on Broome County Gas Drilling Lease

This was the scene last month's EPA gas drilling hearing in Binghamton, Thursday night it was a much quieter picture as the public gave their opinion on the county becoming the lead agency that will review a generic lease for oil and natural gas drilling.


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